Taylor or Swift

Was Jonathan Taylor drafted before or after Swift? I’m watching him running all over Arizona ( who doesn’t) and drooling over the thought of what could have been with him running behind our O-Line.

He was after. Chiefs took Edwards-Helaire as the first RB of the draft, Lions took Swift 3 picks later, then Taylor was taken 6 picks after us.

I really liked Taylor, but I understand the Lions passing on him. Swift was the better pass catching back for Stafford, and Taylor had a lot of mileage on him coming out of Wisconsin in addition to being a known fumbler. Big and fast is great, unless you can’t hold onto the ball.

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Swift or Taylor? I liked both and if they were flipped it might just be swift running over Arizona right now.

True but Taylor leads the league in rushing also.

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I wanted Taylor and/or Dobbins. :man_shrugging:

Who can’t stay healthy

phucccc I thought it said Taylor Swift LIKE a Taylor Swift thread ! Jesus in heaven above forgive my blind, dumb, old @$$.

Lol - I initially did it too brother!

For the record, I’d take Taylor Swift and not think twice about it.


To thin for me don’t believe she could hold up to hard hits.


I looked at her scouting report and the comp was Kerryon Johnson.

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So did Craig Reynolds… just saying… :smiley:

twist my arm…I’d sleep with her.

I was Dobbins, first and foremost.

False. Any hard hits, she would take and “shake it off.”

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I bet she had hard stuff before. :innocent:

I’m on board of trading Swift before its to late. Rb can be easy to find.

I was Swift 1A, Taylor 1B. Swift had more tape as a good receiver, while JT was projection. Through no fault of his own, because he just toted the rock. Then there was the ball security issues which together slightly tipped the scale for me and many others. JT had the better numbers and blistered the 40. I do think at the moment JT has shown to be the superior NFL RB and the best back of that class. I also think IF Swift can get some consistent health, we’ll really get to see what he’s capable of. Though he may never get JT level touches as this staff likes to rotate guys regardless.

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