TCLion's Mock 1!

5th yr option is for 11m not 20

Based on your mock i would take Nolan Smith (leadership for days) or Broderick Jones (i think he would be an all pro OG and amazing OT insurance)

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I can see those both being valuable selections that would contribute to team success as well.

Would you change either of the second round selections based upon your pick 18 selection, and if so, who might you look at?

If you can tell me who we picked at what number? Your numbering is all ■■■■■■ up

To be honest i would prefer dl/ol or to trade down from 6. (Wouldnt hate JSN at 6 because i think he will be by far the best wr in the class).

I would prefer to trade up or down from 18. And up from one of our 2nds

I dont predict trades because the odds are i would never get one perfectly right in a single lifetime. But i love them when used properly.

Round 1 in general bpa dl/ol slight advantage over wr then cb. Drafting those positions in the 1st every year is the way to proceed. There are exceptions but they had better be exceptional.

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And please dont anyone give me shit about a 1st round og either now that they are making 20mil a season.

I dont care if the team is imbalanced with money expenditure as long as we are smart and always have some rookie contracts in the most expensive positions.

Okudah has ZERO trade value as no one is going to pay his 2023 salary which is guaranteed. If he was a FA now, no team would pay $10.6 million for him. Why would a team then trade for him ??

If Okudah was a FA right now he’s be looking at a 1 year prove it deal for MUCH less money. We are stuck eating the $10.6 so we might as well find a use for him (which is why I’d run him at safety to see how it goes).


I must be the only one here who expects a good enough year from him in 2023 for the 5th year option to be a good deal. It is a gamble. If he plays like the first half of last year for a full season he will be worth more than 11mil. If he doesnt he will be worth less. I saw enough improvement last year to take that gamble. Probably a 5 million dollar bet. If you are right then it helps the team more

Actually, if he was traded pre June 1st, the acquiring team only pays 5.183 million of that and clears the same off the Lions cap. Lions still take a 5.5 million dead money hit.

Not worth it in my mind. He played like a 10mil cb for half of last season coming off an injury. That tells me he could easily accomplish a full season of that… but more importantly he showed improvement. We know he has the super high character mentality that we drafted him for. He showed that in the work ethic put in to come back from the Achilles playing better than before the injury. That tells me he will come out like a man with his hair on fire this year. I project a continual upswing. He will probably never be worth his draft status… but that was hard to live up to from the start.

I’m not bright enough to make these evaluations alone so I look at decisions the team is already making. Going out to get two starting corners before the draft tells me a good bit about how they feel about Okudah.

Every one of us hopes you are right about him. I don’t think the coaches share your faith. I doubt he gets the 5th year.

I just remember when everyone’s tone changed last season when he started playing well. People were saying he was showing #1CB potential after the first vikings game. His play started faltering when we fired AP. Whether the coaching change had anything to do with that i dont know. But coming off an Achilles we can assume he wouldnt have the endurance for a 17 game season just yet.

I didnt want to draft him. I didnt think he was a bad prospect but there werent any good top 10 defensive prospects after the dlineman Young that year…

Oh How I Hate Ohio State

But here we are having to project whether or not to gamble on him. Take the gamble and lose? We pay 11.5 for a player worth 6 or 7. Take the gamble and win and we keep a player worth 15ish for 11.5. Dont want to take the gamble? Then we lose him for peanuts or nothing at all.

Again it is a gamble