TCLion's Mock 4 - Terminal Velocity edition

With the rumor breaking that the Eagles are looking to Get Carter, but are not willing to trade into the Top 5, we examine what a swap might look like between the Lions and Eagles.

Trade - Eagles receive picks 6, 48, and 81. Lions receive picks 10, 30, 62, and a 2024 3rd round pick.

#10 Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois. The Lions still get the target many have been mocking to them at 6.
#18 Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas. At 18, the impact value on a loaded Lions team is hard to pass up.
#30 O’Cyrus Torrence, G, Florida. Liking what they saw on his visit, the Lions snag the next member of their monster line.
#55 Cedric Tillman, WR, Tennessee. X is in for the Lions.
#62 Siaki Ika, NT, Baylor. Where’s the beef? On the Lions lines.
#152 Luke Schoonmaker, TE, Michigan. The blocking TE the Lions have been waiting for.
#159 Jason Taylor II, S, Oklahoma State. Great value in all phases of the game.
#183 Jake Haener, QB, San Diego State. He was practically born to hold a tablet.
#194 Jake Witt, T, Northern Michigan. A definite project, but the upside is stratospheric.


I don’t mind it at all.

Only mock #4!? I expected more. There is still time, never quit! :wink:

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The next addition will be the Hypersonic edition. I’ve basically been trying to explore the feasibility of some various trade scenarios and their outcomes. Thus far, strong possibilities exist with Philly, Tennessee, New England, and I think Pittsburgh. Hypersonic should be a fun one though.

top gun i feel the need GIF

Jalen Carter has the same motto as you!

Washington transfer to Fresno State, but the cipboard assessment still applies. Though he does have some Taylor Heinicke vibes.

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