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I personally like our TE room and money ball approach to the position. But i believe in drafting to the strength of drafts. This years class is the best and deepest in over a decade. Ive heard that there are more than 10 expected to be starters. I do not ever want to draft another 1st rounder… but the value might be there for us to get a stud with one of our 2nds or our 3rd. I had hoped for Schoonmaker in the 5th or 6th but after the combine he might go in the 3rd. I have always been on the Georgia Unicorn’s bandwagon because of his dominant blocking. But i think he goes late 1st or early 2nd… so he would probably require a trade. He is definitely on the short list at #49 if he should drop. The player i keep coming back to is Sam LePorta. He was very protective on a dumpster fire offense with an inaccurate qb at TE U. I really think he could be an all pro in our offense. He really moves well and is a decent blocker. He fits our character requirements from everything I’ve heard. I think he is there at 55 but i doubt he makes it to 82.

Again i dont think we need a TE. I just think it would be irresponsible not to draft one at some point in such a great class. LePorta is the next great Iowa TE and his best football is ahead of him.

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Davis Allen and Payne Durham are ready to be starting Ys right now. Their poor 40 times push them to us in the 5th or 6th (hopefully). Perhaps more positional blocker than true pile movers but they’d still be the best blockers in our room. Both have really sure hands in contested catch questions.

Agree, for the same reasons you said about Darnell Washington if he’s there Day 2 he’s gotta be on our short list.

Kroft or Strange look good to me mid rounds…they add to the room what we don’t have.

Kroft reminds me of a Dalton Shultz type

Strange reminds me of Dustin Keller

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With the way FA is going, it would be irresponsible not to fill the holes because the least needed position has a lot of good prospects.

I like Whyle (sp) TE/FB in the 5th but he might not make it that far. Hopefully the depth pushed guys down. Schoonmaker is older but is super reliable in both the run and passing games. If it wasnt for the deep class he would be more coveted. He would be a great teammate.

Bringing in Sutton is another example of Dan and Brad choosing the man first and football player second. That is how they built our coaching staff. They are choosing the men they take into battle carefully. Dan is looking into their heart more than ever. He wants smart savy warriors.


And for shits and giggles imagine a draft of
Skoronski, Mustardson, Darnel Washington, and Sam LePorta… it would be stupid but a rollercoaster team for sure.

Base set 12 personal
Goff with the folllowing:
The best Oline in Football
St Brown

That would be a nightmare to defend… and it would be a possession offense that could strike fast. In todays NFL it would be interesting.

Jack fox would have to get some offensive and defensive snaps somehow because we wouldnt punt all season

If Luke Schoonmaker is there on day three, grab him.

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With his age and experience i really think he is a day 1 contributor. He is a Dan type guy id think. He was always open. He caught everything. He blocks and he tested to have higher athleticism than expected.

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It will be interesting to see where all these TEs get selected. Will teams pass on them early thinking the class is so deep they can get one later? I don’t go in the draft looking for a TE but at numerous spots when we pick a very talented TE will be the best player on the board. Are we going to pass and select a lesser player at a position of need?

I love Sam LaPorta, reminds me of a Dallas Clarke back then on the colts, but after watching more and more of Tucker Kraft I’m loving the guy. And also hearing Greg Cosell raving about him, he said the dude does everything and loves doing the dirty work and blocking… he said don’t be surprised if he goes in the top 50 in the draft.

Im in the Washington camp. 6 7, blocking te. Goff needs a 50 50 jump ball guy


Washington ran a little faster than hock and is athletic enough to get open. Georgia rarely needed him to run routes with their other TE being such a beast as a reciever.

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I think LePorta would get open more in the passing game. Both can block but Washington is on another level. I really like both and would be thrilled if we got either. It would be extra sweet if we got LePorta with the pick we traded hock for. I think LePorta will have a better career than Hock

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