TE what would you do

As before, the goal is to re-do this position disregard the others, what do you do.
Toilolo, Wilson and Roberts stunk up the joint like ass. Total re-build, retention, status quo?
My answer, well. Let’s start with the free agents. There are two really: Jared Cook and Eifert That’s it and Eifert hasn’t played an entire season ever. Jared Cook will be the only guy available worth a damn. Suffice it to say, we either trade for one or draft two. That would mean retaining one of the three and my vote would have to be the best blocker. Don’t care which one that turns out to be.
We have trade capital but we aren’t shaking loose a starter anywhere, so to me that means drafting a guy pretty high, maybe surfing the cuts and retaining the best blocker. I like a bunch of the draft guys including the African named one starting with an O. Looking up correct spelling. Albert Okwuegbunam Missouri.

I’d keep Toilolo and Roberts and draft a TE at some point. Frankly, I don’t see the point in drafting a blocker when you got Toilolo, plus you could carry an extra OL like Dahl and use him as a 6th blocker on the line. Or put your FB over there sometimes.

Ricky-Seals Jones as a FA intrigues me but your not getting much in the run game out of him.

Kaden Smith is my favorite of the tight ends in the draft. I really like Sternberger as well. Keenan Brown, Dawson Knox, Irv Smith Jr. (if he comes out), etc. it’s an intriguing group but I don’t see any stars in the class

I’d say it is a deep class of TE’s. Depends on what you already have and what you’re looking for.:
Okwuegbunam and Fant, Kaden Smith…

Gronk on a sell low on the cheap by NE?

Like the idea of sticking an extra OL out there to catch TD passes! They’ll never see it coming :wink:

Definitely could use some help, though Toilolo really seemed to improve this year.

Trade Stafford even up for Gronk. Start Prater at QB. Use the extra cap space to sign all of the best OL and DL from free agency!

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  1. I would keep LT, good blocker and showed towards the end of the season that he can catch the ball, too.

  2. Sign a J James or J Cooks in free agency.

  3. Draft a guy like Fant in the 2ND rd. if he were to be there when we pick.

  4. Possibly explore a trade for Brate down in Tampa.

  5. Roberts gets a chance to improve in the off season and come to camp next July ready to compete for a roster spot.

Definitely keeping Toilolo.
No harm in keeping Roberts on the roster, but odds are he’s gone in the cut to 53.

I don’t know who to sign or draft, but I do know there’s 2 open spots on the roster.