Teams with most snaps by a rookie

Field Yates


Teams with the most snaps played by rookies this season:

  1. Dolphins: 6,551
  2. Giants: 6,372
  3. Redskins: 5,428
  4. Raiders: 5,236
  5. Jaguars: 5,071
  6. Broncos: 4,591
  7. Cardinals: 4,276
  8. Lions: 4,266
  9. Rams: 4,122
  10. Buccaneers: 4,077

Nice find imho brother!

Only the rams have a winning record

9 of these ten have losing records.

Would love to see the rest of the teams!

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VERY interesting.

Knowing we would have had more snaps for Bryant were he healthy early this would have been even higher.

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One playoff team and that’s a low seed.

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I’m confused? I don’t see any playoff teams on the list . Am I missing something?

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My bad, thinking Oakland got in.