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I use web-based MSN as my personal email, and I have for like 20 years. Well, the amount of malicious spam has become overwhelming.
I have set up rules, tried to block emails from certain domains within MSN and etc, and It keeps coming in.
Even after I set up a blocked domain, I can go to my list of blocked domains a few days later, and that blocked domain is missing from my list. It’s like this spammer has internal control of my email properties.

I hate to move totally to Gmail because I have used that MSN account for so long.
I have the basic antivirus detector on my laptop, but that is of no help.

I’m thinking about a 3rd party email or spam detector, but I’m not sure if they make one for web-based MSN email.


Does MSN allow you to set an autoresponder or forwarding mechanism? I’d recommend moving to Gmail; Google’s spam filter is ridiculously good, and I’ve had my Gmail account for about 13 years now.

What I’d recommend is forwarding only email from your MSN contacts to your new Gmail, and setting an autoresponder to let people know of your new email.

I think anything else and you’re trying to hard to fight the spam machine …

Yes, it does. That is a great idea.
Thanks…whoever this is. :slight_smile:

Oh, I guess I should change the admin name to “Nate.”

LOL…that would be good.

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MSN is trash. In fact, calling MSN trash is an insult to trash. Go with gmail, the spam filter there is phenomenal. I haven’t had spam in all the years i’ve used it. Get your legit emails from gmail, use your MSN or other email account for ‘signing up’ for things.

Sounds good.
Thanks man.

Well, I have moved some of my communications over to Gmail, but I have also installed a free software called Mail Washer. So far, it is doing a great job of eliminating spam from even getting to my MSN email account.
Ha…Revenge of the Nerds part II.

Do you have to set up your accounts in mail washer (username/password/etc) for that to work or are you using outlook or thunderbird (or something else) that this is a plugin for?

Yes, I had to enter my email address, password, and server/authentication IMAP info.
I know sketchy, but it’s been around a long time with lots of reviews on sites like CNET and stuff.

Yah, I’d be super skeptical about entering the username/password stuff for a ‘free’ online service like that. Who knows what they’re collecting and/or saving, and beyond that, i’d be worried about their overall security.
I just checked the website, apparently they run ads on CNN and BBC, there’s a good reason not to use it right there :wink: (Hey, this IS the OTT :slight_smile: )

I used to use an outlook plugin for spam, that worked well enough until they wanted money for it after being free forever. Can’t remember the plugin name anymore. Then I just realized that the best free way to stop spam was using gmail and then use alt accounts like yahoo/aol/msn for signing up for things that almost always come with a bunch of unwanted mail.

My wife used my gmail account for Zillow updates for new homes on the market and holy crap just in my city of 30k people I get 10+ new listings per day. I was foolish enough to use my gmail for norton parental security on my kids computer and cell phone, I can get hundreds of notifications, ‘this site was blocked, do you want to allow’ ‘time limit reached’ yadda yadda. I’m glad for the norton service as it really is effective for $50 a year to have total control of his computer and phone but it’s annoying in the amount of email it generates.

Also my kids school… holy crap am I glad email didn’t exist when I was in school (at least not to the degree it’s widespread now) we get emails about missed assignments, when he acts up, when he’s late for a class, 6 week grades, negative lunch balances… on top of all that, we get school football, dance, bake sale, notices. Good lord. None of it technically spam but it feels like it LOL

I hear you. Same with us. I can’t keep up with it. I end up ignoring about 90% of it.

I am now giving up on MSM email. That Mailwasher app seems like it only created more spam for me.
I am moving all of my email contacts over to Gmail.