Teez Jeez Louise Tabor

  • Turns the corner and becomes a solid CB
  • Is off the roster by mid year

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To be honest, I never close the door on any Lion player as long as he’s on the roster. But in Teez’s case, his prospects don’t look good here, but you never know…

Is he getting a looksee at Safety? Might be better suited there.

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Not ready to completely give up on him yet. Thought he was great coming out of college. Was thinking a move to safety could help him, but I’d like to see a couple more games of him. After QB, CB is the hardest job in football.

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I can’t close the door on him because the guy is where he is supposed to be, he simply can’t make a play on the ball. It reminds me of Darius Slay when he was “struggling.” He was sticking to many receivers like glue, they would just outplay him for the ball over and over again. Now, Tabor clearly doesn’t have the physical gifts of Slay so he will never be on that level. But I really like the idea of what Tabor could provide in his 3rd year.


He’s closer to being off the roster than being a solid CB. Until he shows any signs of progress, my mind stays firm.


I don’t know where he’ll be in the rotation, but I do think he will make it through the year. I see him as closer to a depth and ST guy than a regular on defense.

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I tend to agree with that. I don’t think he gets cut mid year, at least not with as much faith as Quinn had when he picked him

I wonder if he will play more with the multiple safety sets Quinn is known to play

My patience has run out. Enough with the “development” and all that crap. If you can’t play, you can’t play. Why do you people have so much faith?!?!?!?!?!?

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Well…on one hand some CBs don’t round out into shape until year three. Slay was pretty bad for nearly two seasons

On the other hand, Teez has been worse than pretty bad he has literally been the worst CB in the NFL when he’s been on the field

Except one glimmer of hope…he played pretty well in the last game of the season last year

I don’t recall him ever being where he was supposed to be excepting when he was on the bench…maybe I’m biased against guys who suck…

See! That’s called Self Awareness!




True that. We all knew he was slow but he was supposed to make up for it by his ultra fast reaction time…

I remember seeing one play last year where he was covering the slot and he was planted several yards off the LOS. During the entire time, the QB scanned, the receiver cut and caught the ball, Teez didn’t move. He was like a statue. Couldn’t even try make the tackle much less cover the pass

It would be comical if it weren’t so sad

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I still don’t know why they didn’t give him reps at safety. With his skill set he’d be perfectly suited for a position change.


Because we’ve seen guys like Van Noy go elsewhere and blossom one too many times?
Patience is a virtue. It takes 3 years on average to transition from college to pro, with few exceptions.


But usually there is some hope. Teez hasn’t shown anything. Usually the guys that take longer to develop still show signs that they are capable of becoming a great and impactful player.


I actually think he becomes a Safety and is solid

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I also believe he is well suited to becoming a school crossing guard.


You’d trust him to cover children at a crosswalk?


Right?? We already know he can’t play man coverage.


He sounds incredibly humble.

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Becoming more coachable…