Teez Tabor has allowed a perfect QB rating with passes thrown his way

…and is the only CB in the league to have been doing so.

For someone Quinn claimed to have scouted “more than any other prospect” in his career, this makes the move look even worse.


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He can’t possibly be the best we have. Please!

Why didn’t we trade for Patrick Peterson? That’s my thought.

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The restructure of Marv’s contract tells me they probably tried, but, it fell apart or they couldn’t get it done in time.

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They need to move him to safety. Especially in Patricia’s scheme.

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When they restructured Marvin, I thought they were going for Dante Fowler but Rams won that sweepstakes by parting with a 3rd and we probably offered a 5th.

He’s a bust.
Next up.

I’m not ready to give up on Tabor yet. Here’s the question- what was the big knock on him coming out of college? Speed, right? But have you honestly seen that many times when Tabor gets beat because of speed and isn’t right on his man? I can only think of one, and it was against some speedy receiver running a cross, and he still made the tackle. Frankly, it seems like most of the time he’s too close to the receiver. He’s got Nevin Lawson syndrome. He’s in the right place, but he’s not making plays on the ball.

The big difference between him and Lawson, then, is that he’s only in his second year and has shown decent ball skills in college. Lawson’s not going to develop into anything more than what he already is, at this point. Lawson’s got a much higher floor, but a much lower ceiling.

Remember, Slay really didn’t do much of anything until the end of his second year, or the start of his third. Tabor could still turn the corner. I’m not saying he will, just that it’s possible. His speed really doesn’t seem to be an issue, honestly, and he doesn’t seem to be out of position that often, if ever. He’s just not making plays on the ball. And that sort of thing could change easily- and quickly. Here’s hoping it will all click for the guy and he starts contributing.

It usually takes CBs a year or so to find their footing, but he needs to show something. This utter cluelessness is wearing thin

I think some of this is on coaching too. Consider Slay is having a poor season too. And our Oline full of marquee free agents and first round picks just gave up 10 sacks Sunday. These guys just aren’t prepared to play and they look lost

Again, to me he doesn’t appear “utterly clueless”. It’s not like he’s blowing his assignments, or is in the wrong place. He’s clearly not an idiot. He’s just not making plays. That being said, you’re right that he needs to start showing something soon. Being in the right place is a really good start, but you have to finish.

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I think he looks as well as Slay did in his second year.

He maybe a bust but it’s too early to give up on him.

One play sticks out in my mind from Sunday. I think it was the early 4th down conversion. The WR Teez was covering faked ‘go’ then cut right. Teez was duped so badly. His reaction time was hilariously slow and he basically stood there as the WR got an easy first down conversion

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Quinn still has faith in Teez Tabor

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I mean, he sort of has to defend that pick after claiming he had scouted Teez more than any other player in his career.

If you spend enough time analyzing a prospect you can talk yourself into or out of anyone. Spending so much time on Tabor was probably part of the issue.

However, as much as it sucks to have a guy that gave up a perfect rating (and none of us are surprised), I did see some things from him last year that gives me hope that it might click for him soon.

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