Tell me Patricia's D would contain Mahomes and Watson

and I will call BS.

You watch these guys put up 52 in the first half and you tell me with a straight face that fat heavy slow front 7 is the way to go.

Jesus what a mess…


Well, we did play KC week 4…

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Don’t forget there were people (here) that said Patricia laid the blueprint to “stop” Mahomes. LOL

Yeah, remember Mahomes had a bum ankle too…

Our defense did a fairly decent job at containing mobile QB’s.

Personally I think our defense lacks the speed to keep up with a high powered offense like KC.


Not this season’s version. That’s for damn sure.
I don’t know that it’s Patricia’s fault, though. I tend to put most of it on Quinn. Between the injured players who never healed, and the Diggs trade, he wrecked the defense.
“Next man up” is okay if you’re starting with your Starters. Not so much when you’re starting the next man up.

I mean, Mahomes had his 2nd worst passer rating of the season against Detroit.

I do hate our defense though. The scheme is awful. So not defending the D. We did do a good job slowing him down though

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He ran pretty damn well on that last fourth down during the lions game

The Kansas City Chiefs scored 27 points and put up 436 yards of offense without their all pro wide receiver, pro bowl tackle and starting running back.

They marched the ball up and down the field.

We forced 3 fumbles and recovered all 3. That is the only objectively good thing the defense did that day.

Lets be real…how many teams D would contain Mahomes? He just put up 51 on a playoff team

This is just a dumb thread

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