Terrion Arnold: Raiders told me it was a coin flip between me and Brock

Not trying to be a homer, but it is wild that Arnold was still available at 24. Most years you don’t see a prospect like him on your radar when you’re picking at 29.


Yeah and if we take Brad at his word, we selected our #1 and #2 DB with two picks that were at the back of round 1 and 2. Wonder how often that scenario ever pans out that way for a team?

Even considering we gave up a 3rd rounder to move up for Arnold. Plug in the trade chart numbers for the three picks and factor in the top 15 pick of Arnold and the Rakestraw pick at some late first, early second round move up the board.

I like the simple math of thinking we got two first round CBs, even the two best ones, and it only cost us our top 3 picks this year.

flip a coin to make a draft choice, very Millen-esque


This was not a normal year. I believe Arnold said his agent warned him that the draft might unfold in a strange way. The analysts on the network I was watching were all over it. When the talent available was lined up with team needs and draft tendencies, it spoke to the idea that we could see an unprecedented run on offensive players.

Having 14 offensive players go in the first 14 picks was a new record. Heck, when the first 10 players were on the offensive side of the ball, it already broke the record. Having 6 QBs go in the 1st round tied the record. HOWEVER, how EARLY they went was a new record. It was the first time 4 QBs went in the first 8 picks. It was the first time 5 QBs went in the first 10 picks. And it was the first time 6 QBs went in the first 12 picks.

How high the QBs went is part of what made the 2024 draft so unique. Suddenly teams picking high who didn’t need QBs were staring down one of their top ranked offensive lineman or wide receivers. That is important because this class had some really good talent at the top in those two categories. But I need to go back to WHY there were suddenly so many QBs seen as worthy of being taken so high. NIL deals and the transfer portal changed the landscape of college football. Some players are staying in college longer because they already make good money, and the transfer portal is allowing guys to be reborn in a different program. Or in the case of Caleb Williams, follow his coach who he had success with…rather than start over with a new regime. Bo Nix, Michael Pinnix and Jayden Daniels had zero chance of getting drafted in the 1st round if they were not able to transfer to where they ended up. Caleb Williams transferred to stay with Lincoln Riley. That means only 2 of the top 6 QBs taken stayed at their original schools. And I feel strongly that only 3 of the 6 QBs would have been 1st round picks if they were forced to stay where they were.


It has helped players but not a positive for coaches and fans.

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Are you saying U of Michigan fans are not happy?

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Why would LV even tell him something like that?

I read this story earlier and thought it was hilarious. It might even be true. :slight_smile: For now I will give Arnold the benefit of the doubt. I mean, Vegas is a gambling town and usually has worse odds than a coin flip after all.

In the end, I am thrilled we were able to move up and get this kid. If nothing else, he is fun. I suspect he is far more than that.

Assuming it is true I now completely understand why Holmes is cheat coding the draft and the NFL right now.

Zero chance I flip a coin over who to pick LOL and zero chance Holmes does it.

Complete madness. Speaks to no plan and no vision.

Dumbass GM to Coach “ so ah any idea who we should pick? I mean CB and TE are super important we use those players all time, both are good so let’s just flip a coin”

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We definitely know Holmes has conviction.
He isn’t waffling on picks.
I think he gets Dan’s buy-in and input, but Dan seems to let him run player acquisition and trusts his analysis.

“Can’t confirm,” but doesn’t outright deny either.

What likely gave the Raiders some pause is they just drafted Michael Mayer relatively high in Rd 2 in 2023 and just lost a key CB to the Lions.

Correct! At this point I love this. This is the stuff that creates lore and makes for great stories.

Garak-*My dear Doctor, they’re all true."
Bashir-“Even the lies?”
Garak- “Especially the lies.”
(DS9: “The Wire”)


its probably all fluff

Why ? How has it hurt the fans … or the coaches ?

Imo the successful coaches programs had nil deals going – just see how no heisman winners came forward saying Reggie Bush was dirty. They had “old school NILs”

So true. Now everyone can do it. Plus too many were making major money and the kids were seeing none of it. Now the kids see a little of it.

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Lets just say it.

If the Lions would have picked a TE high in the draft back to back years I would be peeling my face off.

College players should be able to get paid and transfer as much as they want just like any other student.
But it has impacted the game.
As there were many players getting paid under the table, they were under university control following the signing which made the coaches happier.
Now players can put themselves up for auction every year. It is actually worse than pro sports because there is no draft, long term contracts or franchise tags.
Coaches can’t develop a long-term plan for their roster.
It makes it much more difficult and often times comes down to who can pay the most to obtain players.
For fans it is the constant change of players that limits the connection that many had in the past.