Terrion must have signed his rookie deal

He posted a picture of him signing what looks like his rookie contract on his Instagram story.



Beat the Lions to the posting. If you want to stay informed on breaking news, check here first. :wink: :wink:


Arnold told the Free Press at mandatory minicamp last week that he pulled his hamstring the day before he ran his 40-yard dash at the NFL combine. He still competed in the event, and ran a time of 4.51 seconds.

“Most people, I think it’s a big shocker with my 40,” Arnold said. " 'Cause like, when I ran the 40, I pulled my hamstring the day before running the 40 so when people see me step-for-step (running with receivers out here) they’re like, ‘I didn’t know he was that fast.’ Well, I ran the 40 with a bruised hamstring but people don’t see stuff like that. People don’t know stuff like that."

Asked why he ran if he was injured, Arnold said, “Cause, man, it’s about one of those things as far as not caring what people think, and I’m one of those guys, I’m a competitor. Same thing at pro day, having to work through that again. I’m not a 4.5 guy, but just one of those things as far as me just coming in here and showing that I’m ready to play from an early age. Got drafted first round, I know what they expect, I’m here to exceed the expectations that are put on me.”


I literally just came on here to see if he had signed and when. As I did not remember hearing anything but I have been in a work trip for 10 days and a bit out of it.

the rookie signings were quiet this year, this is the first one we’ve heard about, and it looks like we have our whole class done now.


Just waiting on the official official numbers for Arnold and Niemann.

But with my calculations lions are sitting at $38.22M in space

So roughly $18m after
Practice Squad, IR and 53 cut down.

Another stroke of luck for Brad Holmes. How high does Arnold go if he runs a solid 4.4? It’s like having Hutch, Sewell, Branch, etc fall into their laps.


But also a revelation on where other GMs focus their grades.

We (I) tease Brad for always taking injured players, but to see a guy’s stock sort of slip due to a 40 he ran with a tight hammy? That’s more a reflection on other GMs than Brad.

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