Terry Bradshaw on Matt Patricia

on fox pregame:

Matt Patricia… smartest guy in the room… rocket scientist… can’t coach a lick.


I totally concur! Relationships are important in today’s game like it or not. It goes a long way in determining how much you succeed. When you cause division in locker rooms, you won’t last. When you fail to hold every player on the team accountable including the QB, you’re going to fail IMO

in fairness, I want Matt to succeed. I am sure we all do. but I can’t dispute the assessment. it is done short of a miraculous turnaround. I am ready.

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By the way: it burns me to see Travis Fulgham blooming with the Eagles; it just baffles me how scrub guys leave here - go elsewhere, and THEN discover they can play.

I hate this franchise.


He’s been cut 4 times, twice by us. A bit of desperation might be good for him. Personally, I’m glad for his success.

It’s not about me insulting Travis; it’s about how too many guys never develop here.


That’s what Bradshaw really said?

Don’t know. It’s never bothered me on the WR side, really, but I have always been bothered that we can’t seem to find and development late round RBs and LBs. Thinking about it further, I’ve been more upset at the higher round guys at WR that don’t work out.

By the way, I didn’t take your post as insulting Travis. I think you have to look at his story uniquely (cuts and all) and recognize this was a last straw moment for him that he’s 100% focused on.

We need a montage of TB’s Lions commentary this season.

ETA found this on twitter

Terry Bradshaw on FOX today: “Patricia in Detroit can’t coach…he’s gotta be gone.”

Michael Strahan on Adam Gase and Matt Patricia: “I think they’ve just been x’s and o’s guys. You have to have relationships if you want to win.“

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Sounds like this Patricia isn’t any good. Wonder if there are any pitchforks left

Just saying what everyone knew except the Fords.

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The Lions .org have a horrible scouting and development departments. They’re the complete opposite of my favorite sports franchise, the LA Kings. The Kings are known as having top level scouting and development. But it wasn’t always like that. What changed? …THE OWNERSHIP.

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I don’t know if the scouting department is any good. I assume that Quinn just drafts whoever he has a man crush on regardless of the scouting department. I know that Millen never listened to his scouts or followed the draft board. But when you hire guys that are completely over their heads…the Detroit Lions.

And who were you before lions2020? :rofl:

I have always been lions2020 on this board.
Why would I need another user name?

Your Stafford axe-grinding smells of a banned poster returning under a new name. It reads very familiar and your familiarity with JRLIONS suggests you’re not new.

Oh no, there were a decent amount people on this board and the fanbase in general that believed this a somehow a country club under Caldwell and wanted an asshole type coach.

They brought up examples of coaches who started 20-30 years ago to justify it too lol

Not at all. I came from the other board. Junior Lions was on that board.
And I am not grinding an axe against Stafford. Sorry that I don’t worship the guy. I think he is an average NFL starting QB. He was top 10 under Caldwell but has regressed back into middle of the pack under Patricia.
Not sure why I would ever be banned. Nothing I have ever said on this board or the other one would violate the board rules.


Ok. I apologise for the confusion and posting the reply in the wrong thread. Please carry on with not axe-grinding. Who were you on the other one?