Texans' current product is unwatchable

That was the Lions in 2008.


Houston can turn it around with Bryce Young. They already have a billion picks. No way they move out of No. 1.

Im sure Littlefinger left some booby traps on the way out in the cap/contracts and culture…


Working in Houston this summer, this came up on the regular. They hate Lovie-ball.

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They could potentially be good in a few years if they nail all those magic beans. I believe they have 2 first rounders for the next 3 or 4 seasons now. Including 2 top 10 picks in the 2023 draft.

That was the Lions in October!

If I’m the Texans I’m building the best offensive and defensive lines I can the next two off seasons. Then possibly go get a quarterback. Mills is good enough to win with. I’m not putting Bryce young behind that offensive line. It’ll be David carr all over again.

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They probably need young just to try and sell tickets, at this point.

This is a good point! If you are drafting a QB early in the 1st round, you better have a plan to keep him in 1 piece, especially when he’s 5’10 - 185 pounds.

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Well, this has certainly changed in a hurry.
Thank you CJ Stroud and Demeco Ryan