Thank you Jamaal!

Such a good dude so I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be hurtful or disrespectful and glad the ref must’ve seen it that way too

But thank you from a long time lions fan
Who probably did want to do it on purpose to a nfl ref during a lions game after another terrible call.

I don’t even wanna make it a big deal , fearing the nfl may come back around a ding ya for it

… but I still had to say
Thank you

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I must say I was surprised they didn’t give him a penalty. Would there have been anything more SOL than that? Adding insult to injury. It was good to see the ref have a little sense of humor about it. Typically they like to flex their muscle.

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I would have called him for a penalty to be honest. You don’t accidentally hit someone in the head with a football while they’re calling a penalty. Apologizing after the fact doesn’t cut it.

It reminds me of this scene from Talladega Nights.

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The refs are corrupt as shit… they should have much worse things than footballs tossed at them. Where’s Kelly at!?

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To be honest, like to see Goff’s wife throw a pretzel…


I think intent should count too

I thought he was getting booted for touching the ref
But touching ref to say sorry and see if they’re ok
If you flipped football their direction and didn’t mean to hit them
Imo doesn’t need to be a penalty that impacts the game so profoundly.

It’s a great way to take out some legal aggression. Do something to someone not too aggressive, and then profusely apologize without meaning it.

That’s how nfl been doin us lions fans for years

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There have been games, like the Rodgers “hail Mary” gift, that I’ve been shocked to see them leave the stadium in one piece.

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I was at that game. Complete effing BS. Earlier in the 4th GB had a drive where they absolutely held the shit out of our defense. Of course nothing called. Had to sit around a bunch of Packer scum while they celebrated. I have to admit though we were pretty obnoxious to them throughout the game. GD I hate Packer fans. It’s good watching the empire fall. Good luck finding another HOF QB…fricken bastards.


When he put his hand on the ref’s shoulder the other ref behind him looked like he almost flagged him for it. I thought he was gonna get flagged for touching the ref.


I did too.

That’s what makes me think jamaal must really be a good dude on the field too

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I’m definitely not going to thank Jamaal for taking a dumb penalty. I’ll thank the ref for letting it go. Although he shouldn’t have. You can’t have players intimidating refs, I bet the refs union wasn’t happy with his decision. Punishment is what keeps you from repeating the behavior.

What behavior if it was an accident ? Imo that’s almost more reckless to safety because then you have a bunch of podded off players distracted by things they can’t control.

It would be an interesting game to see how the refs graded.

On one hand, the goal line call was amazingly correct given how fast and close it was in not calling it a TD while the spot looked off.

Would ref get better grade for calling it a TD knowing it’ll get reviewed and then spotted correctly
But mis calling a TD is points and review may only not be conclusive but not prove call wrong …so points stand

Vs correctly not putting points on the board , where coach can challenge

Then add the body slam which seemed extra

We’ll never know what grade those refs got to know was it officiated better than most ? Was it average ? Below ?

The nfl is keeping their grades

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