Thank You Sheila Ford-Hamp!

She has opened up the check book this year!

If you didn’t know any guaranteed money MUST be put into escrow. Only the “guaranteed at signing” portion. The rest of the “total guarantees” come later.

So, this is all the NEW money she is and will pay, with JUST new players
(Free Agents, Draft Picks, and UDFAs) And all the extensions.

All from February 20, 2024 - today
Cash Paid! ~$150Mil!
Put into Escrow ~ $120Mil
(Total money Sheila paid, $270m+!)

Will be guaranteed in the future an additional $140m+!

And thats on top of all the other players currently on the roster.


Pay Day Money GIF


She wants to win!

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Well she does have the increased ticket sales money to balance it.


Odds are the playoffs alone paid that off


She has an underlying motive, she wants to do this more


If the money is due within one year, you don’t need to put it in escrow and for the amount that is fully guaranteed after one year (i.e. Sewell’s $1.54M 2025 base salary and ARSB $8.3M 2025 base salary) will count toward having to fund an escrow for the guaranteed money, you only have to do it for the amounts above $15M (when you total all money that is owed).

So right now, guaranteed money due in 2025 isSewell $1.5M, ARSB $8.3M, Hutch $5.5M, Gibbs $2.4M, Jack Campbell $2.1M, LaPorta $1.6M, Branch $1M, JRM $1.5, Glasgow $1M, Arnold $6.3M and Rakeshaw $1.7M. So the Lions will have to fund $17M plus whatever is fully guaranteed to Goff in 2025 and beyond (less the Option bonus which will be paid within one year). So maybe $20M in escrow will be due in May of next year.

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In the big picture that really isn’t that much for the team, given the ability it gave them to get these players signed

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They still paying out a substantial amount of money directly to the players.
$73M SB to Goff
$15M SB to Sewell
$16.5M SB to ARSB
$5M 2024 RB already paid to Goff
??? 2024 Base Salary due to Goff
$1.4M 2024 Base Salary due to ARSB
$1.5M 2024 Base Salary due to Sewell
$25M 2025 Option bonus due to Sewell in March 2025
$8.5M 2025 Option Bonus due to ARSB in March 2025
??? 2025 Option Bonus due to Goff in March 2025

So $146M is going to be paid to those three guys spread out over one year, plus having to fund a portion of their guarantees in May of 2025. It’s a significant amount, just not a significant amount that will have to go in escrow/trust.


yeah I need to be humble , remind myself that I’m only a Lions fan that has only played the sport in my backyard when I was like ten years old. admittedly, I didn’t trust Shelia and thought she wasn’t going to do jack here , but I have been proven wrong more than once with her, my hat is off to her, and it’s because of her we are -where we are in part -my turn to say that you are greatly appreciated and I would gladly give her a big hug if I could.