Thanksgiving Day Game vs Packers

Jordan Love coming off good performance and win vs SD:

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GB down to their third RB. They lost their top two running backs to injury today.

Held the Chargers to 20 points.

Kinda impressed

I mean, the Chargers dropped a wide-open, walk-off TD win.

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Are you saying you have a ‘bad feeling’ about this game?

Haha missed that. ■■■■. Always wanna see the Pack lose

You will enjoy Thursday then !!!

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After the first three quarters today, not taking anything for granted.

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We were playing with our food.

Confused Standing Up GIF by Nature on PBS

That lion turned his head and said, "“Its a trap”.

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■■■■ Jordan Love.
Lions are going to be reeling from todays poor performance.
38-14 Lions in a route.

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9-2 is going to look good and taste even better.

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I was overly chesty about the Lions easily winning before this Bears game…I will no longer be overly chesty.