The 17 game regular season schedule are you for or against it?

I’m always laughing at the owners for saying they care about the players. An the way they show it is by adding a game to the 16 game regular season. One of the reasons football is so popular IMO is because it always leaves you wanting more!! In a sport like this less is more.

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Better than an 18 game season.


I think it sucks because it messes up stats and stats are fun

That said, I feel like 17 games is about right

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I’m not a fan
like 16 games


I like it.
More football is good.

As a fan, more is good, at least when the Lions are relevant. In other words, into the distant future.

I can understand the players issues with longer seasons. The offseason is far more important in football than in most if not all other sports.

They’re going to add another one, and they should, make that money while they can… I’d like them to add another bye week though, make the regular season 20 weeks. Preseason is useless anyway for most starters, most big names don’t play, it’s for rounding out the bottom of your roster and teams are already doing scrimmages against other teams. It’s more useful to get a better look at their guys that way than they’d get in a game where they may only play a few series. 2 preseason games and 18 regular season games with 2 bye weeks (one prior to week 10 and one after, at least 4 games apart.)


I am one of the weirdos that is 100% for an 18 game season.
20 years from now it will be a 30 game season (flag football at this point). It’s all about the money. If the XFUSFL becomes the NFL’s “Minor League” I could see it. Next man up.


I dont mind it but we all know soon its going to be
2 Pre Season Games
18 Regular Season Games
2 In season Byes

Which i like the most.


I really, really wish they held their ground at 16 games.


I’d much rather see 18 regular season and 2 preseason vs 16&4 or 17&3.

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Agree! Also, expand the roster to 60 players. Keep the practice squad as is.


Greed consumes … I prefer a 14 game season… only two WC teams….

But i am powerless over all this….

My only hope is we win the next 25 SBs in a row

The season should be 11 months long with one month of offseason. Give the people what they want!

It basically is now… The NFL has done an amazing job making football an almost year round sport, despite only playing games for half the year.

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That could work. Each franchise has two teams of 53. Season A and Season B. Bye-bye Canadian football (sorry 57).

I would be totally fine with a B team scenario of some sort.

But have it matter. Like what if you could have a B Team tournament. Practice Squad plus, BUT … compensatory picks are on the line.

Sh!tty football with magic beans at stake? Yes, please.