The 49ers seem to think that Giants QB Daniel Jones is seriously overpaid

It’s salty out there this morning.

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I agree with them.


Daniel Jones sucks and is overpaid

Other QBs that suck and are overpaid that they wouldn’t talk about like that:

Deshaun Watson, Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott,


Playoff Record

Daniel Jones 1-1

Deshaun 1-2
Lamar 1-3
Kyler 0-1
Dak 2-4


Deshaun was one of the best qbs in the league before hes allegations, I think every team in the nfl would rather have kyler or dak over daniel jones

Not here to debate who you’d rather have or how deshauns last good football was the Covid year with no fans in the stands.

I’m just pointing out, you wouldn’t hear that dialogue about their contracts.

It would sound more like
“bro got the bag $$$ good for him”

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The massage ladies also got the bag! In more ways than 1.

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1 from Deshaun Watson and 1 from Robert Kraft

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ya i guess so,

I wonder how Saquon feels about it.

I bet he is more pissed about the team giving Kenny Golladay more money than they are willing to give him.


QB playoff records are meaningless:

Exhibit A: Mark Sanchez 4-2

Exhibit B: Tim Tebow 1-1

I wouldn’t say they’re meaningless, in fact, the opposite, but they are very small sample size, and at that small of a sample they can be highly misleading.


Ok how about exhibits

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Joe Montana, Steve Young, John Elway…

QBs are literally deemed great because they win in the playoffs.

Tebow balled out in his playoff win.

Guys like Sanchez. Dilfer didn’t lose the game for their teams. They let their D win.

Playoff wins being meaningless is a pretty silly statement.

Super Bowl wins don’t matter either?

I want a QB that wins in the playoffs

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Brady only had 90 yards passing in his first Super Bowl. Then he “led his team” to a field goal to get to his final numbers of less than 150 yards passing and only 16 completions. I bet alot of players wish they could win a Super Bowl with that kind of performance.

Eli Manning had to step up to win his Super Bowls. Ironically Peyton Manning had issues during both of his Super Bowl winning runs. We all know he was along for the ride in his last Super Bowl. But his only other win came in a postseason where he only threw 3 TDs compared to 7 INTs. In one of his victories he had 170 yards passing with 0 TDs, 2 INTS and a 39.6 QB rating.

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Peyton Manning did nothing to get his 2nd ring.

Regardless guys make plays in big moments or don’t lose it for their teams.

I want winners.

That was THE biggest selling point on Goff coming here.

He took his team to the Super Bowl before

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Peyton Manning wasn’t “Peyton Manning” during his first ring either. Meanwhile Nick Foles was what people think of Peyton Manning during his Super Bowl run.

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That’s be Mike White for Miami this year if Tua goes down.

Miami AFC vs San Fran or Philly NFC

(Peyton still got 14 Ws in the playoffs)

Can we get this time stamped ^