The age of legalized gambling has finally ensnared a game official — in baseball

How long before it hits the NFL?

The Lions have been screwed so many times before the advent of gambling (Samkon Gado, Calvin Johnson rule, Cowboys playoff game, etc.), it seems bound to happen again. Or, it could go the other way and the Lions are the beneficiaries.

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The NFL has a much better policing system.

I mean they busted jamo for betting on games (not nfl) in a hotel!

The refs im sure they have on watch even more.

A simple solution to help curb that is something that people have been saying for ages

Make the refs full time employees of the nfl. And pay them 100k+.

The bigger issue will be college.
With 134 FBS schools means there are roughly 600 officials. And over 12,000! Players and 5,000 coaches and staff.

Thats nearly 20,000 people that have control over a game or access to sensitive key betting information. And other than maybe the top 50 coaches, most of that 20,000 are paid little. Meaning easy to influence.


Nope. We turned ourself in because we had so many players AND coaches gambling.

And the whole hotel thing didnt need GPS to locate him. He placed the bet during the time window of a team activity. If a player is involved in a team activity, even while traveling, he can not place bets. All they need is team activity schedule and travel plans for time windows. No gamble no matter where during those time frames.

They did after they started investigating.

But all the major sports books report to the NFL.

They have super smart AI technology that can track all players and people they may know and look for abnormalities.

Like if theres a decent sized bet on a game, then LATER news comes out that something happened (ie qb is out for the game) thats like insider trading in the stock market. Instant red flag, investigation and MASSIVE penalty

It has.


Are we really saying we believe that just because it was legalized that only now nfl officials may be betting? Like illegal gambling and bookies werent a thing


I don’t think the NFL even wants to know about any of their officials gambling. TMZ will have to break the story again.

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Three Pakistani cricketers were sent to jail for conspiracy to defraud for spot fixing in a game in England.

The risk of spot fixing, fixing a small part of the game rather than the result for example the first drive gaining less than 20 yards, is a very serious risk. It’s something authorities are going to have to get on top of now that gambling is a significant part of sports.

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It really shouldn’t be this crazy. If you work in professional sports - 1. Don’t bet on your sport, period, whether it’s your team on not. 2. Don’t bet on any game you are reffing in your sport. 3. Don’t bet in a “professional facility”.

If you’re in the NFL, go crazy on the NBA finals, so forth and so on.

Anyone who does otherwise is just asking for it.

Hoberg not just worked the 2022 WS, he called a perfect game.

Query whether ownership is restricted from gambling on NFL games.

My cynical hunch is it’s like congress and insider trading…


Its not quite that simple. If a guy is sitting in the training room getting iced up after practice, or in the weight room getting in a lift, or sitting in the team cafe having a meal…they are not allowed to bet on any sport. The logic is that “people know people who know people.” The NFL isn’t forbidding gambling by NFL players completely, but they are trying to create a disconnect in the perception of what might be going on.

Here is what the NFL wants to keep from happening. Jamo and Taylor Decker are getting treatment after practice. The Dodgers have a game tomorrow. The betting lines are set based on Clayton Kershaw being the starting pitcher for the Dodgers. Decker knows thru his connection to Matt Stafford that Kershaw isn’t pitching tomorrow, but its not public knowledge yet. Due to circumstance, the Dodgers have to start a pitcher that gets crushed by the team they are facing. Jamo quickly pulls out his phone and places a large bet on the team the Dodgers are playing. The next day it is announced that Kershaw is out and the betting line shifts. But Jamo had the inside track because “he knows a guy that knows a guy.”

The NFL isn’t forbidding it completely. But they are trying to at least create an excuse of “what a guy does during his personal time is his business.” If you look around any team and the connections each player has to other sports or their colleges, they are typically a few phone calls away from inside knowledge on any game they want.

NFL refs make over $200k.

Yes that’s what I said.


Expounding I meant “anything done in a place or what is considered ‘team time’”, for example being in a hotel on a road trip. You’re with the team. You’re there for a professional reason. Put the phone down. Can’t bet on your buddy playing for the A’s, tough shit.

Remember when the Miami owner was trying to pay Flores to lose on purpose… yea not far fetched.

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The small like prop bets will ALWAYS be an issue.
As will key information being leaked out to key people for betting purposes.

But yea fixing game results?
That will be rare and a SERIOUS offense

I think games in the NFL are already being influenced by gambling. I’ve seen some really odd decision making and officiating that made it seem like someone was thinking about the spread.

This is the ONLY perfectly called game since data became available in 2015