The Bengals

Is it…weird to think this is our first win? This week?

I’m not a betting person at all, so no bets but I honestly feel this is the week we get off the winless wagon.

They’re going to have to bring their A game. Cincy is underrated on both O and D IMO.


Someone forgot to tell Jamar Chase that Kyle Pitts is the best pass catcher in the draft.


Wasn’t he the kid who was complaining about the size difference of the ball in the NFL compared to college?

Seems like he adjusted well.

If Lions get little or no pressure on Burrow it will be a long afternoon for the secondary.

Yep, that was him. But you have to understand where he is coming from. He’s a pure hands catcher that looks the ball all the way into his hands. So his hands were trained for one size and the stripes on the ball helped him track it all the way in. They try to teach what Chase does but few actually do it like he does. In that same conversation he says part of what he’s doing now is tracking the laces instead of the stripes. You know a guy is on a different level when he says something like that and you know he’s actually doing it.


I’m all about Hope! I want us to go undefeated the rest of the way

But, reality is I’m hoping for a win this Sunday and feel it’s possible, just not probable….

But I also didn’t think we’d be a fg away from beating the raven nor the bikes away….

This is why we play!

My gut tells me this is a bad matchup for us.

I think Burrow is going to go off.

It could come down to our run O vs their run D. Strength of both teams.

But this team continues to surprise.

I heard Burrow got a throat contusion last week after getting crushed by two dudes…

And if you’re wondering, no, I’m not confusing the game with a porno I watched last night.

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Lions are going to beat the Bengals this week. It will be one of maybe 2 or 3 wins for the season, but it will be the first!

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I like the way herman moore teaches it as well, make a triangle with both hands and have the point of the ball go in there. that’s how I like to catch it. catching it with the body is just asking for trouble imo.

Oh you sweet, sweet, delusional fan.

Burrow is struggling a bit and could use a get right game…enter the Lions.

To quote from “Exile”, the lovely duet between Taylor Swift and Bon Iver from her surprise 2020 masterpiece, Folklore: “I think I’ve seen this film before…and I didn’t like the ending”

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Lions will win this week!

I dont see the Lions stoping Burrows and Chase then trhiw in Mixon and Boyd its a horrible matchup for this D.On the other side of the ball I have little to no faith in Goff my prediction Bengals 35 Lions 17.

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Body catches are a big no no as far as I’m concerned. Especially with shoulder pads that the ball can bounce right off of. I learned that real fast the first time I played with pads.

Hands are always the first thing I look at when looking at WRs. The whole point is the catch the ball, so I start there and prefer guys with outstanding hands. The next thing I look at how good the guy is at separating. If the guy can’t catch the ball than I don’t care if he can get open. I realize this is just taking it to a Little Giants level of analysis, but sometimes I think we make it too hard! I think WR is a position where some guys do things that are very very hard to teach and its instincts a lot of times. Its a feel. Like I think its hard to teach a guy to catch better. Sometimes I look at it like kids that played a lot of “backyard” football when they 8-9-10-11-12 years old have a feel that others players that start late just don’t have. On the other hand, WRs that play basketball usually translate pretty well because its similar to what you need to do as a WR.

See why I said no bets originally?

good lord our offense looks like it takes 2 steps back every week.