The bet. Will beer be sent?

Hey all. So I don’t know how many people remember my prediction and bet on the FB before week one. Some screenshots are in order

Tim Reilly and Patrick owe me beers if we lose next week. If the Lions win it’s a push…

I’ll gladly pay a sixer for 5 draft slots.

Get your order ready. I had Jai Alai from Cigar City recently…kinda nice.

Im going to the Carribean this year…anything from Cuba you want me to ship?

I did just get your brother some nice Dalmore 15, as the only Glenmorangie I havent bought him is over 110 a bottle and I’m a cheap ass.

You’re going to Cuba? That’s awesome I’m jealous. Tell you what - never mind shipping anything. I’m going to head back to GR sometime just after the new year. Maybe us and the bro-hammy can go out for a drink or two

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I see I am in the clear. You should have taken my money bet.

I’ll settle for just being right. It’s priceless. Though I wish I were wrong.

Damn lions…they always give me an exestential crisis

Can do.