The bright side--at least we're not the Packers

Their super star QB had under 50 yards in the 1st half.

I watched the second half and he wasn’t even looking at Watson. Another WR1 decoy.

Oh, we’re going to win the division. Probably. Hopefully.
Then we have to play good teams.

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Yep. If the Lions are the No. 3 seed, barring an upset in the wild card round, they would have to play the No. 2 seed in Rd 2 (either SF or Phi on the road), then the No. 1 seed (either SF or Phi on the road).

But, it would be nice to even be in the position of hosting and winning a home playoff game for the first time since 1991–even if they later fall to SF or Phi on the road.


Was Watson injury serious? Looked like he was hurting.

Packers forgot what bad QB play feels like and Love is reminding them.


Looked kind of ugly. Haven’t heard though.

Lets be honest here. The NFC North is terrible. I think the Lions are still gonna win 11 games but we could win the north with 8 or 9 wins

The key is staying somewhat healthy, particularly in the secondary.

A plethora of guys in the MASH unit isn’t going to win anything.