The Chiefs are going to be tough to beat

Maybe we should go all Cobra Kai on Mahomes and sweep the leg?

I think that KC is going to find that the Lions will be tough to beat.

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Before the season I thought this game would be the toughest for the Lions and I still believe it now. The Chiefs offense is scary good, though I never would have thought that their defense would look this bad. While I firmly believe the Lions can win this game, I am not sure that they will. I am jut hoping that it will be a close game until the end.

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Come on Daniel-san taught you better then that. Just use the drums and smack him around.

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The Chiefs may be the best team in the NFL… I don’t expect to bear them, but we have a chance and that’s something I didn’t think was possible at the beginning o the year. If we’re going to lose games, I’d rather they be non conference games against the best.

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Not sure it matters. Just get to 10 or more wins and it literally doesn’t matter who they come from. Beating the Giants doesn’t mean more than beating the Chiefs. They all count as 1.

The Lions can be tough to beat IF they don’t gift the other team with mistakes, penalties, and TOs. We haven’t seen the best they have to offer yet, they could be very, very good, but you just can’t give the other guys a break. Like it’s 3rd and 10 and the Lions D stops them short of the 1st down, but here comes a defensive holding call and it’s 1st and 10 with the D still on the field. Or a Lions RB rips a run off for 20 yds but it gets called back for off holding. Or you give 'em 15 free ones with a face mask or a hit OB, ya can’t do that and expect to beat a really good team like KC.

The good ones will kill you with your own mistakes if you make enough of them. You have to play good, disciplined football, and so far the Lions have been inconsistent in that regard. We’ll see where they are come Sunday.

It matters for tie breakers usually, but we tied… I was more referring to wanting to beat the teams in our division more than out of conference teams

Yeah, I hate the Bears and Packers, but it wasn’t long ago we went 5-1 in the division and still lost the division by 4 full games, because we did jack squat outside of our mediocre division. I don’t care if we go 1-5 in the division if we go 9-0-1 in the rest of the games. :slight_smile:

we have nation praise of our secondary, Slay will be back quick, Bevell has proven to be 3 times better than JBC, Stafford has learned a lot from him and WILL look at this game as a challenge QB to QB , we have offensive weapons just waiting to be used like they “usually” are, I have faith we can disrupt the QB in a few ways, we set atop our Division. I think we play like a team aggressively and NOT wanting to lose , we will fight for what we have. what beats us is the damn refs IF anything.