The Colts got it done

Does the Colts beating KC change your view of the loss last week? Maybe the Chiefs are not as good as we think. I hope Patricia has a hell of a game plan ready for the Pack.

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Got to wonder if this style of defense is in Mahomes head… Not taking the chances deep now.

Yes and no.

Just looking through the scores this morning I’m reminded how drastically the NFL changes from year to year.

I just keep coming back to the mistakes. We were unable to capitalize on KC’s due to our own. We really should have beaten them handily. Same with Arizona.

So, while I’m enjoying the season I’m not overly-confident in them yet.


The Colts o line dominated this game. They are a top 3 unit in the league. The Lions don’t have the personnel to control the game like the Colts did, nor do they have a head coach like Frank Reich who has balls the size of grapefruits.

The Colts are tailor made to beat the Chiefs.


Between the Lions & Colts, a recipe for playing KC for all to see.

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The scouting report on G Quenton Nelson was once in a generation player like John Hannah.

Scouting got it right.

I saw at least one scouting report that compared him to Larry Allen.

Man, he looked like a monster last night.

Tell you what I think. Our defense showed the NFL how to beat them.

I also think the ankle issue prevented PM from moving around which is when he is the most dangerous.

The Indianapolis Colts copied Detroit Lions’ game plan to stop Kansas City Chiefs

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And next week, we go left level!!

We win and other teams will say “that’s how you beat GB”!! :crazy_face:

Yeah, I didn’t watch much of the indy game but from what I saw they were running with a lot of DB’s, 7 at the time I was watching. I kind of think they copied our gameplan and did it better.

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I wonder if the Colts are happy that McDaniels snubbed them? Sometimes things work out for a reason… Frank Reich is doing an unbelievable job.

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Where have I heard this before?

Agreed 100%.

Iggy I don’t think indy would be a 7 win team even with luck with daniels there. This was the best thing ever for them. Frank takes analytics to a whole new level that’s working for them, so far

Their Dline is healthier. They can rotate. That allows them to finish, where our guys are gassed.

McDaniels problem wasn’t about being able to coach a football team from that standpoint. McDaniels failed because he lost the lockerroom. And part of that was probably because he was a little TOO good at his job right out the gates. He was a young, brash, super smart new head coach who was already letting everyone know it was his way or the highway. That didn’t sell with that lockerroom. So despite winning, the guys turned on him. While Frank Reich limped to a 1-5 start last year and slowly won over the team and kept them pushing to start winning football games…McDaniels shot out 6-0 and lost the guys during the bye week, and it turned into a dumpster fire right at the same point Frank started getting his team going.

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…Same shit different team . Patrick Mahomes is regressing , Stafford has a down year in 2018…he sucks , is he a top tier QB , should we trade him or cut him .

The Chiefs are not the same Chiefs …Mahomes has not regressed as Stafford did not either .
Mahomes operating on a bad wheel , without Hunt (Gone) , Hill, Watkins or a healthy Damien Williams is surely the cause.