The Curious Case of the Atlanta Falcons

I find their situation fascinating. Are Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot not working towards the same visions?

Why do you use the number 4 and number 8 picks on freaky talented pass catchers and then play this way? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Fontenot was actually hired after Smith. That’s why I wondered if there was a power struggle.

They have a really nice team. All they need is a quarterback and maybe another WR. Maybe they sell out after this season to get a their franchise QB? It will be interesting to see what happens. IMO they are a QB away from being a legit contender next season.

They do have a pretty nice team. It just seems like the Pitt’s and London picks are an odd use of resources given the way they are playing.

Edge is still problematic but their DC seems creative and as @thats2 brought up they do have good blitzing LBs.

I actually kind of like the way they’re going about it. A nice approach in a two-high world. And if a defense tries to load the box, they’ve got the pass-catching horses to make you pay. An odd way to build that sort of team, granted, with the biggest resources on plan B’s, but it will probably work out for them in the short term.

The problem is Ridder sucks.


It just seems like buying a Ferrari and never driving it. That’s probably a bad analogy as that’s how a lot of people handle their Ferraris but you get the point.

I like a lot of their edge players too. They just lack that #1 guy

Blank is a sneaky good owner
Giving fans some of the Best fun in football -
Good football hires for a time followed by fires
Draft intrigue that rebuilds into good teams with new identities

They might have adjusted their plan based on what the qb could do plus how the RBs performed.

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I think they will drive it eventually, especially once teams are forced to adjust to the threat of Bijan.

He also has ridiculously low concessions, which I’m sure the fans appreciate.


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Blank made a big show of it when he made that change. Good for him.

I think an important part of that as well is that he has kept them down. He didn’t just put on a show and hike them up later down the road.

Yep. Good for him. Wonder if he’ll go broke :joy:

I have one that I have seen people do. They buy an expensive bottle of liquor…but only make mixed drinks with it.

Arthur Blank is a cheap bastard who has zero respect for his players. I know this because his stadium has turf and not grass.

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He went to Home Depot for help getting grass but couldn’t find an employee free to help him
So he settled on the green carpet he liked best and left

Truest thing ever spoken on this board.

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If it doesn’t work out due to Ridder, this will be one of the most coveted spots for a vet QB on the move. Like the Jets were last year for Rodgers, the Bucs for Brady, the uh, Broncos for Russ. A guy like Stafford would take this team straight to the Super Bowl.

Contender? Sure. Favorite? I don’t know, man. I still think that defense is at best good, but not great. And I think over the course of the season it may be merely average and incredibly TO reliant. We shall see.

I think they’re pretty good actually, but they’re gonna have issue with mobile QBs (like a lot of teams honestly). Love’s production was mostly off-script, at least his biggest plays. It’ll be interesting to see how they play against us, since our QB isn’t mobile at all. I think we might find the going tough, but we also won’t make as many mistakes as the Packers and Panthers did.

They’d also have an offseason to improve before next year. Maybe straight to the Super Bowl was hyperbole, but you get the idea. They’d be very, very good.

I’ll wait till they play some real offenses. The Panthers and the Packers without Jones and Watson don’t do it for me.

Yeah that’s fair. I like a lot of their players and the way they fly around, and I think their DC is probably legit. But they haven’t exactly faced the sternest tests, I agree.