“The Dead Cat” theory?!

I still feel Bevell is the exception to the rule if he does well with the rest of the season

But! Well documented idea I why not too hire the interim coach

My thoughts wander to the idea… what would have happen if they did hire more of the interim coaches for the HC gig for the next yrs and would those teams have done better?

But we will never know!

I like sound arguments and the stats are there but I’d still keep Bevell toward the top of my list… for now

That was very interesting. Out of 8 interim coaches hired from 2016-2019, only one guy, Doug Marrone got a permanent gig. That’s a trend that’s not at all favorable for Coach Darrell.

Yep - but I’m always say could this be a bad trend? Could anyone of those interims have done better than the coach’s hired and kept?

I hope we as a team see the trend but are not enslaved to it either

I want a winner…

This is what I have been saying. Teams tend to get a lift after firing their HC. Teams that went ahead and hired the interim HC (or a member of that staff such as the Browns did with Kitchens) tend to not fare so well going forward. Bevell is being judged in the most advantageous situation possible…taking over a 4-5 game stretch after an unpopular coach was fired. What we look like on the field is not the full reality. That being said, if the man wins a playoff game I would HAVE to give him the gig and see what happens next. Anything short of that and I’m inclined to find a new head coach. The only thing that gives me pause is the idea of him running the table, knowing that we have one of the toughest finishing schedules in the league. I might consider it then.

As is…I would like Bevell to come back as OC. Have the new HC hire a new DC.

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I the stats as it shows “what” was done in the past with clarify… but I’m a hoper and a dreamer!!

Keeping my thoughts in the present, the stat still can not magically say those choices were all the best ones…

I hope we are aware of this… but also understand Bevell can or could be that one guy that will break the trend…

Like Brady did … both were after thoughts at thier respective draft position and job as a OC.

Then both we thrusted into the starting gig and the rest is history for Brady… and you have assess to the best of your ability of Bevell can be that same type of guy

I’m love the dude since following him and seeing where he has been and done and doing

But - I want a winner first - specificity Bev next!! :heart::pray::crazy_face::upside_down_face::+1:

how do you know Bevell is a “winner” ? we beat one team and have 5 to go…beat The Pack and “maybe.” just because the teams after GB get a little easier…you STILL have to beat them. In no way am I crowning Bevell as anything worthwhile yet…

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I understand. As a OC overall and more importantly as a human being, he’s a proven winner to me … he’s more successful than not everywhere he’s gone…

I “feel” that he will make it as a good if not great HC… that’s my opinion only

We, nor I, can predict if that will happen or not… that’s why I keep consistently saying “I hope we win” not we will win…

In the military I had to pick individuals for promotion and Bevell fits everything I want in a leader… but you still have to show up and make it happen

My faith in you is dead without action; daily action!!

Who knows since nfl has a poor track record on head coach hiring

But his long run during a good run as OC witn Seattle culminating in his firing before his step up to head coach …

Was he getting interviews back then and teams passed him over ?

Lions could’ve hired him
In 2014 and he’d still had 3 seasons of coordinator experience.

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Incidentally, there was a study done in NY once about cats falling out of apartment buildings - as there are many high rises there. 400-some cases in the study. Cats falling from as much as 40+ floors high. An astoundingly low number of those 400 cats actually died. One fell from 32 floors, walked away scot-free with a chipped tooth. No shitting.

Not calling that a premonition. The analogy’s inaccurate is all. Sucker’s don’t bounce at all…

Anyway, I’m still mostly in agreement with the gist of the article. It’s a honeymoon. Playing loose without the benefit of technical discipline soon becomes sloppy. Bevell’s loose style has a Goldilocks window. Its probably benefitted by Patricia’s disciplinary foundation. Now they are allowed to freestyle based on solid fundamentals. In its best forms, the ‘looseness’ is an artistry and magic that can only take place when technical and scheme anchors are firmly embedded in muscle memory. If the discipline isn’t maintained, the ability goes flabby. We don’t know that about Bevell yet. We don’t what he’d look like in a long-term fit with long-term demands that ask for much more than playground fun-housing.

I agree that it’s cool to have a fun boss. Makes the workday a lot lighter. I appreciate Shanahan’s style for similar reasons. It’s about having balance as an HC that Bevell hasn’t proven. He’s moonlighting.

It’s easy to be romantic. Being married is a whole different ball of yarn.

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Good stuff! Dam cats are resilient shits huh?! :crazy_face:

I just discovered our cat has been using the grass and leaf clippings that were still on the top of my mower deck as her litterbox. :rage:

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I think Bevell is in a better place than a lot of the other " Dead Cats " in terms of what predicated the lack of success here with the staff (Patricia and Quinn ) that were fired .

He had his Honeymoon vs Chicago… if you can call it that. A squeak bye win with Chicago matching it’s season-high in points scored, 2nd only to the Lions Chicago week one game . That squeak by win still took 400 yards of passing with 3TD’s & another 2 rushing TD’s

Patricia had Jim Bob year one, year two & three with Bevell …Bevell when not strapped for talent via injury, has done well with the Offense …How much better would this offense be if it did not have to score on near every possession. That no lead you build is safe as the Defense was so awful .

This is a different Offense with Stafford, Kenny & a healthy Swift …if he can pull off a 5-0 or 4-1 over these final 5 and the players back him up and fight for him and the Offense looks good and at the very least the Defense is aggressive and opportunistic …I have no issue handing him the keys in 2021 Playoffs or not …I’m not sold any of the potential hires as of yet.

I’m normally a guy that bets with a trend or streaks and it does not look good for Bevell , but in Bevell’s case I’m leaning the other way and that he could buck the trend .

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