The Detroit Lions place CB Jermaine Waller on Reserve/Retired

Interesting, he was an UDFA, his career lasted one month. He got a $10K signing bonus and had $55K guaranteed base salary. Lions definitely won’t have to pay the $55K base salary and they are legally entitled to recoup the $10K signing bonus. To me, the $10K signing bonus is such a small amount, I’d let him keep it (and just not pay the $55K guaranteed base), but I thought $1.6M was such a small amount compared to the benefit of having a happy CJ around the organization.

Anyways, because he was placed on reserve/retired, if he changes his mind, everything stands (he keeps SB and base guarantee stays).

I wonder what happened. I mean talk about getting your shot.

Wish him the best. Sometimes, tragic life events can take precedence. Hope that’s not the case, certainly.

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