The Detroit Offense, looks we have a brainiac in Johnson

Ever since Indy took the Great Lakes Offense /Tom Moore, I’ve been sickened by Detroit staffs regurgitating one philosophy after another.
I’ve been calling for this. An offense tailor made for this team, todays players.
Ben Johnson seems to have done it. I can’t wait to see it in action.


That might be the most coverage Ben Johnson has gotten all off season!

Really looking forward to this offense, and it does all start with our OL. And I think we have legit good depth as well so if anything happens, one of Brown/Kraemer/stenberg can come in and they won’t lose a beat.

Also too, having Jamo come back in the middle of the season is going to be pretty sweet… because it will be a brand new weapon no teams have seen. And if we are holding our ground and not out of it by Halloween, having him come back night just take the offense to another level.


Ah, but, what if the offense is already on another level?
Think about that!:rofl:

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Then in that case, they will enter…

Another dimension.

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Does Hard Knocks even know that we do have an offensive coordinator?


No kidding - he’s like the forgotten guy.

I bet you ask an average fan who’s not a lions fan who the lions coordinators are they would say Staley and Glenn.

But that’s ok, let him fly under the radar… the world will know soon enough!


The only thing we can’t have happen is an injury to decker or Sewell. Our backup tackles are less than impressive.


Keep in mind that Patricia was/is a rocket scientist.


I wonder if he’s good at that?

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Would you get into a rocket that Patricia designed? I wouldn’t feel right putting a chimpanzee in a rocket that he built.


I agree. Furthermore, Swift is the wild card for me this year. He’s talking about 2k yards over there. But the guy has never blown me away. Yet. Does he take that next step and show he can be a top ten RB? He’s got the best opportunity you could ask for:

  1. A tough grinder HC who wants to run the ball.
  2. An OL that should be one of the best in the league.
  3. Your position coach clearly believes in you, and also happens to be the assistant head coach.

Can’t ask for a better situation to break out.


He’s so good at it that he’s a football coach.


Oh, is that what he is?
I thought he was Apollonian (the destroyer).

If he’s ever going to break out this is the year.
Coaches have elevated personal goals/expectations for many players — I believe.
Johnson saying his goal is to have Goff have his best statistical year comes quickly to mind.

My guess is that, as part of the planning for this year, stretch goals were given to each player.

And each coach is tasked with helping players achieve their stretch goals — and are evaluated based on the success each of their players have in achieving their goals.

Now we’re hearing Barnes is starting to get it.
Stenberg had a good game
Bryant is taking the leap …
The 2nd team overall did good against Indy.

Guys, there’s a very real chance this team is going to blow your expectations away.

Get on the 10 win bandwagon early
You boys calling for 5-7 wins are missing what’s going on
This coaching staff is for real.

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In Ben Johnson we could be looking at the next Zac Taylor (Bengals) or Brandon Staley (Chargers) because I’ll tell you I had no idea who either of those guys were when the became head coaches for those two teams

When Stafford was traded the first thing the Rams did was change the O to one that fit Stafford’s strengths. The first thing was getting him out from under center, 50% fewer snaps under center than what Goff took. Why the Rams were OK playing to Stafford’s strengths and not Goff’s is unclear but at least here in Detroit that’s what our new OC gets. Build your O around what is most likely to work, how novel.


Most of us had no clue that Goff was a shotgun QB until Cal fans told us. I think trading for Stafford was a brilliant move by the Rams because I think McVay needed the knowledge Matty brought in order to change up his scheme. I think he didn’t necessarily know how to do some of the things that Matt brought to the offense.

Another rut the offense got into when Goff was there was they only ran the ball out of shotgun around 5% of the time. Defenses can bring a ton of exotic blitzes and coverage concepts when they know with nearly 100% certainty that you aren’t going to run the football out of certain formations.


This is why I don’t think people have a clue as to what we have in Goff. McVay gave him an O that he could succeed in even if it wasn’t the best match with his skill set when they had a running game. And I absolutely believe you are correct when you said that Matt brought things to the table that McVay needed with re to scheme.

Running game goes away and Goff is screwed. Coach can’t make the proper changes and his Pro bowl QB is now dead man walking. Goff comes here and long time posters that should know better want Goff and the staff gone in short order. Beat writers are convinced that Goff isn’t the future and refer to him as a “bridge” player, a temporary solution. DC understands that it’s more than just a lack of talent, takes over OC duties. Last 6 games of the season all of a sudden things are clicking.

2022 Disneyworld is no longer the happiest place on earth, it’s the Detroit Lions camp. The WR room is loaded, REALLY loaded, and we have a new OC that is all about running an O that plays to Goff’s strengths. Top 5 OL, decent RB group, I’m not sure that we hit the ground running but if we can learn from our mistakes on the fly, good things can and should happen.


Not to mention Brad Holmes knowledge of Goff as well as knowledge of what was going on behind the curtain with coaching staff, scheme and more.

Not saying Goff makes it, but I look for a big season from him this year.


That used to be a compliment, Patricia has made it an insult.

Here’s Matty P as a young boy working on one of his rocket.

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