The FALCONS need a WR to play along side Drake London would you draft Xavier Worthy to play along side him and in what round?

If he makes it to the 2nd, I’d consider it. Falcons don’t just need someone next to London (and Pitts and Bijan), they need a speed guy to open up the field. So Worthy, Franklin, Legette, etc…

Or just sign Darnell Mooney

There are 3 wrs in this draft that are better than the #1 wr in 80% of drafts…

Agreed. Maybe 4

Falcons sign Mooney

Drake London
Darrell Mooney
KJ Osborn
Brandon Powell

I don’t know much about the Falcons O-line, but if it’s not very good that’s where I’d be spending my money and draft picks. Cousins, Bijan, Pitts and London is a potentially great skill position core, the way to get the best out of that is to have a good O-line. Cousins is good enough that he doesn’t need more than two primary receiving weapons.

I would take Joe Alt or one of the top3 wr at 8. Really no one else.

They going edge

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I’d get at least two more WRs in the draft.

The edge talent is far weaker than the wr talent or joe alt. It really isnt close either.

Alt is for sure, but he won’t be there. I would take Odunze, Nabers and MH3 ahead of him as well, but 1) they could all easily be gone by then, 2) with London, Pitts, Bijan and now Mooney as pass catchers, WR takes a back seat to a lot of other needs, 3) the Rams (where a lot of the offensive staff came from) typically didn’t spend that much draft capital on WR, and 4) I think Dallas Turner is worth a top ten pick, and others would argue the same for Jared Verse.

In a good de draft none of these DEs would be top 10 picks. This is a BAD de class.

I agree overall. But Turner and Verse are good. When everyone thought Verse was in last year’s class he was regularly mocked top 15. They’re good players.

Im not saying those guys arent good. But they are not in the same tier of players as the top 3 wr and Alt. They are in a higher tiered buckets 100%. I really like Turner and Verse as middle first round guys. This draft just has better talent.