The first Trey Flowers illegal use of hands penalty

I was watching this video about the officiating in the 2nd half of the game and I’ll be honest, Flowers does catch Bahktiari’s facemask with his fingers when he clubs Bahk’s arm. Maybe that’s where the penalty came from? Kind of a ticky-tack foul if you ask me but could this have been the foul and not where we thought it was?

It’s at the 1:35 mark of this video.

The first called hands to the face was not a penalty either , mind fucking by the press release of the NFL .
They never said the first one was a penalty they just did not address it and then claimed the 2nd one was not a penalty, by doing it this way you gather or you assume or it makes you think that the first was but it just is not brought up …
Smart people write these releases.
Incidental contact of the face mask with out twisting it or turning it is not a penalty and besides that took place on the snap of the ball at first contact and the Ref threw the flag after Rodgers was sacked …
He threw the flag because when Bakhtiari threw his head back the Ref assumed the worst with the seed planted in his head by Bakhtari about Flowers going to the face or the Ref was steering the outcome as he knew he was tricked after the first flag yet called it again …more Jedi mind fucking that it was a human error and not a bias or agenda

Absolutely correct. Flowers has played 2,300 snaps with ZERO hands to the face calls. The technique he does gives him control and also ensures he doesn’t get a hands to the face penalty, because his hand doesn’t slip, while he’s grabbing on to the collar.

How weak of a mind would one have to be, to fall for that twice? What if it was the same ref who said we were short on the TD immediately, and got overruled by the others? What if he was in perfect position to see the entire thing, including Bactaharia’s illegal hands to the face on Flowers?

Total bullshit, and no penalty on either play. Complete garbage. If that’s a foul, then we need to put flags on these guys and lose the pads and helmets.

after the game Flowers was in the locker room, left his gear on and was sitting on a stool or bench when media/press surrounded him he had been pouring over the loss and the penalties and was pretty pissed off how the game went. he told the press to “get the F out of his face !”

but they kept asking about his defensive move and if he felt he should have been penalized, Flowers said “no that was some blank & blank man I always use that move it’s what I do and I’ve used that move my whole career.” “I was just going through the same motions I always use.” then he parted. The media saw Darius Slay and talked with him to, Slay was in the same mood and swearing to…clearly upset over the game.

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A’Shawn was the one who was cursing at the media and telling them to get then”f” out of his face.

Flowers has been getting nothing but praise all week for how he handled his emotions in the locker room.

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You can touch the neck and face area technically, they are looking for it to be prolonged if it’s to be a penalty. It wasn’t prolonged, so… I couldn’t consider that to be ticky tack, I consider it BS.

Some people simply do not like the media and I can’t blame them.


I hate today’s media. Everything is just pure bs today.

All i hear is a lot of whining from this reporter. Who cares if he doesnt like him. Maybe he doesnt. He doesnt have to like the media.