The five pick

I’m really curious to see what Harbaugh does with the five pick; trade, OT, or WR?
He keeps the pick and grabs one of the top three WR in the draft at five.
Or, he trades back, no lower than 11 and takes Brian Thomas at that pick?

I wouldn’t be surprised if, at some point, Harbaugh takes Roman Wilson.

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Alt or Fuaga

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Don’t be shocked if he trades down, and then takes Bowers.

Harbaugh loves to use his TE’s


Good point, however, I’m not sure that Bowers blocks up to Harbaugh’s requirements.

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Agree can’t see it with Bowers round 1

Dissly & Parham fit Jimmy and they signed Hayden Hurst

He’ll trade down and take Fuaga, Latham or Mims. The biggest nasties.

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As a Michigan fan but not a huge Harbaugh fan, I’ve observed his strategies for almost 20 years.

-I would be shocked if he drafted a wr at #5
-I’d be mildly surprised if he took a TE
-I’d bet my left nut he goes with a trench guy.
-I’d be surprised if they didn’t trade down.
-I’d guess he loads up on trench guys on both sides.
-I’d bet he drafts a wr/te/rb on day three.


Hairball is insane but not an idiot

I would expect trading down and getting as much prime beef for the trenches as possible in this draft.

He clearly does not see WR as a needed position anyway :joy:

I do love how former QBs often become lovers of defense and line play.


Over under on how many michigan guys the chargers draft… i say at least 3.