The future is Bleak

As some have stated over the last few weeks @Spiel54man to be specific. The future sucks.

Actually substitute only the names and the story nails every season since the '90s.


the future is incredibly bleak. so many draft picks that aren’t going to work out, especially with a new staff that won’t want them. A QB that isn’t going to be here a ton longer, especially if there’s ANOTHER rebuild. And this rebuild will be much worse than the previous one when quinn took over. He took a very functional roster and…well…did stuff to it that should be illegal.

I’ll say it again, while stafford is a gamer and wants to win, he has young kids at home. He should think about retirement or forcing a trade. As the season goes on he’s going to get hammered.


I think a trade is very likely. Go play for a team that actually knows how to use him.

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The future could be bleak
But if there’s change and they hire the right guys

The change in future could be exciting , promising and fun to watch the team take shape. Thst doesn’t seem like dark days to me.

Plus I also think there’s talent. Who knows exactly how good or bad the team is when the talent , when it leaves , now stays in league with some guys being big contributors on new teams.

The scheme seems difficult to learn or execute or poorly called so even Good players looked taxed and aren’t shining outside of Okwara and people thought he was marginal.

If lions get right leader it doesn’t have to be dark.

I never expected Caldwell to win in 2014


Even the worst teams in the league can turn it around in 2 years. Arizona had the #1 pick in the league…5-3 right now. Miami was awful at the beginning of 2019…5-3. The Browns were 0-16 four years ago…5-3. Teams that were drafting top 5 a few years ago are fighting for playoff positions. Then there are the Jets and Lions…poor management.

It just depends on getting the right head coach/QB combo. If Lawrence goes to Jacksonville they will be contending for the division title in 2 years.

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Emotionally involved Lions fans are like an abused woman. Always coming back based on pseudo change. Pseudo self reflection. STOP SUPPORTING THIS FRANCHISE. They(current owners) will abuse us until we leave.

Then why are you still here? Lol!! :crazy_face::+1::heart::pray::upside_down_face:


I’m responsible for making plans: Not the results!! That up to my God!!

I don’t like where we are at today. I have no clue where we will be tomorrow let along the deep, far future…

I love them. They are my only team I truly follow almost - sadly - to the point of idolatry…, but

Like all others I allow in my life, I can’t change them… love on them and pray for them and that’s it… regardless of the results… :crazy_face::heart::heart::pray::upside_down_face:

Prayer won’t change the Lions. Only the relinquishing of Ford ownership will.

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I think there is some young talent on this team and with the right coaches and QB they can succeed.Here are guys that think are all up and comers you can build a team around.


If we hire the right coaches we can be competitive again in 2 years. But I have no idea if that hire even exists, let alone our ability to find and retain them.

Most likely, we are entering a 3ish year rebuild to get back at something close to 10-6.

If we get competent coaches then we can be a .500 team next year. I do think in order to have any chance of actually contending through we’ll have to blow everything up and be a true bottom feeder for a couple years.

Lions fans are blue pill simps. The red pill is the harsh truth.

I disagree.

Both Gym Shorts and Caldwell (and their GM partners) left reasonably decent teams for their successors. Not so with Fatman and Batboy.

The smoldering garbage fire that the next regime will inherit is only comparable what Marinelli and Millen left in their wake. Some of the same root causes, too… ejecting talent in favor of journeymen with whom the coach had previously worked.


Haven’t watched a game in 2 years. Haven’t spent a dime on them in 9. I do like to browse the forums from time to time, though.


If only we can get bienemy and pair him with zack wilson

Have you seen the 2021 schedule? It’s brutal (we got the AFCN and NFCW)

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I don’t think it’s out of the question for them to hire a staff that can make use of a lot of the players they currently have. It’s how they work with them and then slowly turn over the roster to continue building the team to a contender.

When Jim Caldwell was fired, that team did not need a rebuild, they needed more building… instead, I think what I’ve gathered from many fans is the inability of Patricia to adapt to the talent he already had and then slowly mold the team to what he wanted… seeing vrabel and Flores have more success now is frustrating because they could’ve been lions coaches, and are having success with teams that already had relatively equal talent (at least in Miami’s case).

Whether they fire them now or after thanksgiving or at the end of the year, I don’t really care or think it will make a huge difference, but, I also don’t know the ins and outs of front office situations. I can understand arguments on all sides.

Bottom line, just want them to win!!!

Also hello Billy and TCLion, I didn’t know about this site and have been enjoying reading the comments over the last few days. Look forward to continuing to read and occasionally comment!


Exactly. I think there’s something off on Patricia communicating vision from chemistry to teaching. The big picture stuff that shows up by inconsistency in breakdowns and bad luck in varying areas of the team
Making it like they need to scramble but stay the course and the only continuity they’ve established is Quinn and Patricia

There’s actually some cool tools in communicating here I could see Thst make commenting a little more personal ( potentially )