The Greatest Athlete - Bo

Bo Jackson held the National High School home run record until a Brighton kid named Drew Henson broke it in '98. Bo was a freak!

For you youngsters that never had the chance to witness this man on a athletic field (Baseball or Football) - take the time to watch a few highlights

Derrick Henry’s strong, hard running style
Tyreke Hill speed
Tom Brady’s competitive drive
Mike Tyson’s bite your ear off attitude

The biggest and brightest stars burn out the fastest…but man it sure was fun to watch Bo Jackson!


Had he not gotten injured I honestly think he would have been the best running back in football history and it probably wouldn’t even have been closed. Dude could do anyting


Despite the “Bo Knows” campaign, he was insanely humble. I can still remember when the Lions and Raiders played on MNF and afterwards he said:

“Barry is my new idol. I love the way the guy runs. When I grow up, I want to be just like him.”

Giving all the love and respect to Barry - as he did with so many other athletes. Just a once-in-a-lifetime talent, and an even better human being.


Plus a freakish baseball combo of Gary Sheffield’s bat speed, Albert Belle’s raw power and Vlad Guererro Sr.s defense and baserunning.

I dont think he was Barry Bonds level as an offensive/defensive combo, but he was Bobby Bonds for sure. Vlad Sr w/o the incredible contact ability.

Had he played only baseball, it was 50/50 or better hhe’d be a HOFer.


Very little downfrild blocking. He simply outran everyone even his blockers.

I was actually at the “Bo don’t know snow” game in Buffalo. The Bills were great then and held him in check. Awesome athlete! May have actually been a better baseball player.

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That Monday night game with the Lions vs the Raiders was one of my favorite games EVER!
Two of the best RB’s to ever put on cleats going back and forth, run after run. It’s a classic.


Awesome video, thanks man.

I might give the nod to Wilt Chamberlain because he is such an outlier, but Bo is definitely in the conversation for greatest athlete. That dude was incredible.

Hard to say. Being on a team with Marcus Allen as the primary starter held him back.

As a baseball player, he had some very good power numbers from 87-90, but only hit .250 during his career.

When viewed individually, Bo wasn’t that good. But, when you look at how he performed in both football and baseball from 87-90, no one has ever done two pro sports better.

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Depends on the approach. When using peers as the comparison i think one could argue Jim Thorpe as the best ever.

If you’re using the same criteria but not limiting it to the human race then perhaps Man O’ War. Most don’t know this but Man O’ War could hit the hell out of the baseball.

His batting average was always going to suffer due to his relative lack of reps all through the minors and MLB, as well as his plate approach/discipline.

His outfield D was a lot of range and a big arm, but sloppy fielding/routes, again due to lack of reps/practice because of football

This is why Bobby Bonds is a really good comp, except a diametrical attitude.

Barry Bonds had just about the worst throwing arm of any elite outfield defender ever. But his range in left field was (along with Rickey Henderson) unlike just about anything on the planet. That completely altered how the rest of the outfield could positions He essentially added range to the other outfielders via his jumps and speed. Stupid that he’s not in the Hall IMO but that’s a whole different conversation.

I don’t get why Ricky Henderson isn’t talked about more as one of the greatest ever. IMO he’s one of the best 10-12 players I’ve ever seen.

After Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr. and Ricky are by far the three greatest outfielders I ever saw play live and I’m not sure those aren’t the best three I ever saw on TV.

One guy that I saw live that was amazing was Eric Davis in 1987. That guy was a total stud. If I recall correctly his hamstrings started to betray him But peak Eric Davis was something else.


I was at that game. Very top row about the 20 yard line. It was quite a sight to see. Bo was a tremendous athlete. Not sure if there was a whole lot going on between the ears but man that guy was a freakishly athletic specimen.


Rickey’s arm was crap too. He’s still a top 20 all time player, easy.

Eric Davis was a huge talent. Short peak, but wow…a 35/50 season and a 25/80 season btb, plus 4 more peak Kirk Gibson like years with a big arm?

Yikes. He was never an ironman even when not hurt, but man, he coulda been a contender…

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What Ricky did in baseball, will never be done again. All time leader in runs scored and stolen bases and lead off home runs. 2nd in walks. The guy was on base constantly with a career .401 on base percentage. Plus 3000 hits.

I think he might be top 10 all time. Best leadoff hitter in history for sure.


He stole 50% more bases than the #2 guy all time…and at a 80% success rate, even playing until age forty freaking four. Most speed guys lose their wheels about age 33-35. He was cruising around a decade later stealing 66 bases at age 39 and stole 109 at age 40+


That is an unreal stat. Almost 70 bases swiped at 39 years old, wow. Most dudes are long retired drinking cocktails on the beach.


Yep. I meant to imply that Ricky’s arm was sh!t too. He also seemed at times disinterested on defense whereas Bonds clearly took pride in it.

Oh they blocked the video ! I’ll go looking because that made me wanna watch it