The Lamar Jackson saga is weird

There isn’t a world that exists where he should end up with a contract that is less than Daniel Jones


There isn’t a world that exists where NFL players wouldn’t take note of a player getting that money sans agent.

Something stinks.


There is definitely, 100% collusion going on. And this time it’s Lamar vs. the world (well, Lamar + the NFLPA vs the world). Agents and owners don’t want him to get anything he wants.

But the players are looking at it like it’s a seminal moment in league history. The day guaranteed contracts became a thing (pretty sure DeMaurice Smith said as much). So Lamar won’t be allowed to back down.

I think it will last long, long into the summer.


Dude bailed on his team in the playoffs.

You don’t think people that are writing 9 figure checks didn’t see that and take note?

Bill Belicheck " I’ll take a guy like Bruschi who’s a 7 every singe play and I can count on him over a guys who’s a 9 some of the time"

or something like that


I agree that Lamar is up against a mountain of people that don’t want to see him succeed. Part of the opposition are insiders and some members of the media. They rely on information from agents to make a living. So they are more than happy to report minsinformation. And without an agent Lamar can’t plan stories with insiders and media to say the opposite.

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Interesting, so you think he plays in the playoffs if he had his contract already by then!? You could be right.


I don’t see it that way. I see an oft injured running QB. Who’s going to have to start learning the pocket game.


It’s interesting that there’s people who find the league does really depraved things behind the scenes, but somehow, with how obviousness of the Lamar thing is, they think the league is squeaky clean. I don’t get it…

(I’m aware this applies to me as well in my reluctance to believe games are fixed)


There is definitely collusion going on due to that guaranteed contract Watson got…they don’t want a trend started. Not having an agent to negotiate and communicate to teams has really hurt him i think. Also, his playing style really needs a team to build towards that style. That takes time to do with many teams not used to having a QB who runs a ton.

It’s wrong to assume the other 31 teams should act moronically just because Cleveland acted moronically.

Fully guaranteed contracts are BAD for the sport. Cleveland has run their franchise into the ground and still don’t even know if the QB they have guaranteed all this money is even going to play.

No player is worth destroying your franchise over, not even Lamar.


What do you mean they don’t know if he’s going to play?


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I could not disagree with this more.


I don’t disagree, just saying that’s what is happening.

Fair enough, but that’s the problem with the whole situation. There are plenty of valid reasons the owners can throw out to counter the argument that they’re colluding. Without being on the inside we’ll never know. But I feel as though there’s very much a concentrated effort to ensure he doesn’t get what he wants.


When you have extremely powerful people who could lose massive amounts of wealth—truly, an entire industry at stake—do we not think they’re capable?


He’s back on IG again it sounds like!

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If he was a true UFA, he’d have a contract by now . . . likely a fully guaranteed contract.

The problem is the CBA and the rules for the franchise tag that are hampering Jackson, but he NFLPA won’t fix those rules and the owners won’t back down on the franchise tag. Owners will always win out, because players will vote to get their money rather than making a stand on the CBA to do something that is in the best interest of the players, even if it only start with the elite players (franchise tag eligible).

If Atlanta wanted to sign Jackson, they would have had to sit on the sideline during this past week while Baltimore takes up to 5 days to match, they wouldn’t have signed any of their UFA’s . . . while they were waiting.

If Atlanta does an offer sheet for a fully guaranteed $240M/4yr contract . . . Baltimore matches and Atlanta loses out. All teams know this. Baltimore is set up to match any contract that is offered.

But if Lamar was a UFA, he’d have that contract. It’s not collusion, it’s the constraining rules of the CBA that is preventing this.


Fantastic explanation.


Baltimore got sick of dealing with Lamar’s agent so they let other teams do it lol



I thought I read something about additional pending case(s). If more/new information comes out he could face additional issues with both the NFL as well as the state.