The Lions are rolling, but their once-mighty running game is in decline

The run game will be fine once brown comes back. This revolving door at right guard isn’t helping. Teams have also been dropping safeties. My guess is that doesn’t continue with a healthy chark and jamo on the field.


I love that it shows how multiple this offense can be.

The Lions are nice enough to give their opponents a choice. They can try to stop one of these things:

  • Long TDs to speed demons on the outside
  • Sun God feasting underneath
  • Swaggy wearing them out running the ball

I’m fine sitting back and letting the other two happen. Dan and Ben seem to be, too.


playing against better defenses too.
Our run game is fine. That’s why the passing game works…teams have seen what we’ve done to other teams with our run game.

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Our game plan the past two weeks was to attack with the pass. That’s how you beat the Jags and Vikings, through the air.

This week that will flip, our plan will be to run it like crazy.


I want to see us use that wishbone again. that was hilarious.


I think Detroit’s offense is set up to take advantage of whatever the opposing defense gives us.

You bring a safety up, we’ll throw deep. You keep 2 safeties back, we’ll throw 10-12 yards all day. You go dime, we’ll take 5-8 yard runs all day long.


Wouldn’t mind spending on a high end back. A difference maker. Bijan Robinson would be nice. Make this offense even more elite.


I agree, Ben has plans and plays for whatever a defense wants to do. Except against BB the master of game planning.

Maybe they should have been training CJ Moore as the hybrid RB_DB and not Iggy.

Moore was shot out of a cannon on that fake punt.


Exactly, stack the box and try to stop the run, I dare you defenses with a healthy St.Brown, Chark, Reynolds and Jamo, you’ll be toast soon.

He was the leading rusher last week, also go back and watch that play and focus on Rodrigo, his blocks made that play, Moore wasn’t even touched.


Let the OL get us even bigger dividends

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That was great vision.

Not bad for a guy who wasn’t with the team until October 25, 2022.

Both Swift and Jackson average a significant more ypg then Williams. I think DET needs to use Swift a little more on the ground. Williams is solid but very one dimensional runner.


They did vs the Jags, Swift had 14 carries for 62 yards and 1 TD. The problem is every time we start giving him more carries, we all know what comes next.

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is there such a thing as a read-draw? bascially an rpo but the qb isn’t ever going to run because goff would die. call every pass play as that option and fake the handoff, or give it if the middle opens up. harder on the qb because it takes away reading the defense for a second in the passing game.

Still on pace to be the best rushing season since 1997! And we all know what happened that year!


Swift will be fine, I think teams are playing us for the run, that is why we are having the success in the air. We have to be able to adjust to what the defense is giving us, and we have been doing that well lately.


Um, in a 20-10 victory over the Lions, Tampa Bay won their first playoff game since 1979 with quarterback Trent Dilfer’s 9-yard touchdown pass to receiver Horace Copeland, running back Mike Alstott’s 31-yard touchdown run, and two field goals. Their defense limited Lions quarterback Scott Mitchell to just 10 of 25 completions for 78 yards.