The Lions have extreme splits in sacks Home VS Away

The Lions are tied for 7th in the NFL in sacks per game at home.

We have 17 of our 23 sacks at home in 5 games.

3rd worst in the NFL in sacks per game on the road.

Only 6 in 5 games.

Kinda interesting splits and there’s not really any teams with similar ones.

Getting the #1 seed or keeping the 2nd is going to be really important


We are currently at 54% lock on the 2nd seed assuming we win out the rest of our games…

We can’t take the 4th as that owned already be the south imho….

So it one or two or three

Read that back to yourself. Let that soak in. Realize what you’re saying and who you’re talking about. :flushed:


Worse yet we have all but one of those road sacks in one game.

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Crowd Noise Wins Championships is what I’ve heard. :laughing::joy::joy:

It’s a fast and sticky turf. It would be interesting to see what opponents do at ford field vs others.

Grass would have to be slower than turf and thus a tick harder to get a sack.

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