"The Lions Play Different" - Justin Fields on St. Brown Brothers Podcast

Justin Fields talks about how the Lions play through the whistle and borderline dirty. Gives props how hard the Lions play but it’s also a bit “extra” for his liking.

The teaser has Aman Ra asking why Fields unfollowed the bears… Answer is it’s nothing. He unfollowed NFL and Bears because he wants no NFL stuff on his timeline right now in the off season. Nothing specific to the bears… He wants to stay in Chicago but doesn’t control it. Just wants whatever is going to happen to happen.

Fields is pretty unfiltered so far talking about the cheating refs. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite him.


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Good for Fields calling them out.

I’d like the Bears to sign Fields to a 300 million fully guaranteed new contract. Make him a Bear for life. :laughing:


Oops. I didn’t look far enough down the threads to see this and then posted the same video. It’s such a great episode that I thought it would be near the top.

Only when playing Detroit.

I like these. Little glimpses here and there

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Why is Justin Field’s head so effin’ big, physically?!?!

And if you listen, what Fields is is really saying is “we’re scared of you guys cuz y’all play bully ball on QBs that run.”

Justin said #34 on the Lions (Analzone) was dirty

Fields is different in a good way thani thought he would be


I agree. He comes off pretty cool. Even humble and credit giving.
You could picture how he reacts to trash talk on the field. He wasn’t biting on Amon’s trash talk

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Same here, really enjoyed the interview and appreciate Fields attitude

Is this the first non-Lion player on their podcast?

No they’ve had at least 2 others. It’s all about guys they know and who are willing. Aman ra has definitely been better about getting guests.

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He’s been more loose with his language tho.

They had the Michigan running back and and it was good. Made him look like a great fit mentality wise for lions

I think they had DJ Moore as well or whoever their speedy WR is for the bears

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Are the Lions considered a dirty team now? This is second QB that has said this. Maybe more I just haven’t heard about.

Most teams play to the whistle, the Lions play through the whistle. That’s the kneecap mentality, and other teams don’t like it. Good.


I enjoyed that one.
I was more thinking NFL players which a few others have addressed. I haven’t seen all of these as I started watching mid season.
Shame on me.

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