The Lions seem to have preferred Jahmyr Gibbs over Bijan Robinson all along


They moved on from Swift … swiftly!


The difference between Bijan and Jahmyr?
Bijan 6’0" 220, 4.46 40
Jahmyr 5’9" 199, 4.34 40
Gibbs is faster, and has better juke moves.
Bijan has more power up the middle.
It’s Barry and Emmett, all over.
The Lions aren’t the only team that had Jahmyr RB1a.
Even a couple of the talking heads had it right. Not many, but, a couple.


No no no no no. Emmett did not have the lateral movement of either of these backs. If it wasnt for that OL Emmet would have been lost to history as just another good back.

That being said we have the killer OL this time


Bijan is more of a bellcow back. He is built differently than Gibbs. In our running back by committee, Gibbs is the one we need to replace Swift imo.

While I was a Bijan guy, and finally getting over the initial shock, Gibbs was the right answer to replace Swift. (Which was the plan it appears before the draft started) BH knew Swift was not going to be here in 24’.

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Bijan measured 5’11” and 215 pounds…
so the size difference is quite as much.

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I guess it depends on what site you happen to click on.
I googled it. I don’t just pull it out my ahyes.
But, okay.
I stand corrected.

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I’m not taking a shot at you….
just want to point out that Bijan isn’t really a “big” back…
he weighs the same as Kamara did coming out….
and Kamara is sometimes the “comp” for Gibbs.

In fact… Kamara was just a shade over 5’10” tall…
so his 214 pounds is slightly thicker than Bijan is at 5’11” tall.


yes, which is WHY we didn’t leap at taking Bijan…

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MJD had Gibbs over Bijan on his top 5 RB list

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Marshall Faulk. During the Greatest Show on Turf that offense really centered around Faulk who is built very similar in size, speed skill set to Gibbs

In 1999 Faulk ran for 1,381 yards on 253 attempts and had 1048 receiving yards on 87 receptions (103 targets)

Warner 65.1% of his passes for 4353 yards 41 TDs and 13 Ints and a 109.2 RTG

Last year Goff hit 65.1% of his passes for 4438 yards 29 TDs and 7 Ints for a 99.3. RTG

I think it’s fair to say if Swift were the 1,000/1,000 guy they wanted him to be Goffs year was equally good as Warner’s MVP season. Ten more TDs is basically the difference. And remember how many times our receivers fell one yard short, only for Williams to punch it in?

This is why they wanted Gibbs. Now we have:

A group of fast receivers - check
A dual threat RB - check
An upper tier game manager QB elite at play action - check


Lions went speed everywhere on Offense the last couple years. Jamo 4.3s, Gibbs 4.3s, and even LaPorta is a 4.5s TE.

The weird thing is no one they drafted on D can catch up with the guys they got on O.

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The combine is an actual weight measurement, not a random guess. That’s the one you want to use.

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It wouldn’t be close to what Warner did.

Statistically it was

Bro → have you ever seen a bell cow with a mohawk?

Yup - for sure, man.
Also → picked the better looking guy. Fires up the fan base

In college Bijan showed really good lateral movement but since he doesn’t explode out of this movement I think he will struggle to make those same moves in the bigger faster NFL.

Now looking at Gibbs he leaves people in the dust


Plus our OL just comes out all alpha-male peein’ on tuff that they own…like the defense. That’s gonna help too.

The minute this pick clicked for me was when somebody said they’ll use him like Deebo Samuel.