The Lone Lion

Ever been the only fan of a certain team and people around you just don’t get it?! Lol no? Ok, just Lions fans then :rofl: fun little parody of the “The Lonely Lion” :lion:

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All my friends are Lions fans or there not my friends … lol


Now that’s funny right there Rachel!

Well living in flyover country Oklahoma, peeps around here know who the Lions are. But it always comes with a laugh, or giggle, or a “shoot dawg”!

Whenever I am out, and I happen to say, there ya go Lions! (which is not very often) I always seem to get oh man, you know cheetahs are faster! Or, just stick with Arena or XFL teams.

I have gotten, “did I miss it? Columbia coming to town”?

I feel your pain Rachel!!

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It was easier in the early 80’s when I lived in Houston.
Can you imagine Oruwariayaaa and Tagligovia on the same team. I can see why you’d worry they’d never pronounce the name correctly.
I can’t even spell them.
But, screw the announcers. It would serve them right.
Probably never have to see Aikman and Buck in the regular season again, though.

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So, you’re saying there’s a chance???:upside_down_face: