The Matt Stafford Salute

I’m rewatching the game now for the third time and I just caught this, lol. Whoever you are buddy, you are about to become a digital keepsake!

This was as Stafford was running to the huddle on their first series.


The guy on the right is definitely TJ Lang.


I’ll tell you one thing, Mike Tirico really knows how to amp up the drama. He’s an expert at it. I bet he’d be good as an actor in a play or something, but like in heavy makeup so you couldn’t tell it was Mike Tirico at first.

Gibbs is a stud.
Montgomery made the best decision of his life.
LaPorta is a miracle.
Jamo is making tough catches in traffic.
The list goes on and on. One-sided, ha, but it’s a long list.

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mister rogers middle finger GIF
Stafford Salute ?


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