The MCDC Legend is sure to grow

I haven’t seen this one yet, I’m surprised no one on the team busted out laughing.


he’s one tough dude.
i also like when the mannings were kidding him about his red nose during the green bay game. when they got to “was it going to fall off”? Dan just rolled with it and said something like “it might fall off - but we’ll make it work, i’ll just put a hunk of wood there and keep going”…

Was it a tooth that fell out, or could it have been a little Skoal pouch?

It looks like he has something in his lower lip most of the time, but maybe I’m just seeing things?


If it was chew, all the more hilarious!
Dan, ya can always put a fresh dip in, no need to reuse the old. :sweat_smile:

Campbell doesn’t use pouches… common now. Pouches are for sissies. lol

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