The McRib has more lives than Jason from Friday the 13th

It contains 70 different ingredients and rib meat is not one of them.


I don’t understand it. Take some pride, use a grill, man-up and make ribs like they were meant to be eaten.


But then you wouldn’t be consuming Azodicarbonamide. Which is a flour-bleaching agent that, when not used in McRib buns, inhabits gym mats, yoga mats, and the soles of shoes.

Sounds delish! :wink:

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Made of heart, tripe and scalded stomach. McGross

Interestingly though I love chicken hearts. I get packs of them on the regular to skewer and bbq. Super cheap and tasty with just a little olive oil salt and pepper


Homemade Yakitori!

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I just bought a giant pack from Winco yesterday. Two bucks makes about 40 decent sized skewers

Have to be careful though they are easy to over cook and get real tough quickly

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My first time in Japan, I had no idea what I was eating. But Chicken hearts, liver, and gizzards are pretty good when done right.

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I bought gizzards from a dive bar just yesterday. It was a fun day. The wife and I went to a winery in the valley and had some top notch wines and a banging charcuterie plate then on the way home stopped at a dingy dive for High Life and fried gizzards

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I know. It’s a combination of pink pork slime and chemicals.

Haha I will admit to eating one and still thinking it was tasty. But yea, pretty disgusting when you know what’s in it. I guess that applies to most fast food places though.

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I will admit to having one once in a great while, when I’m feeling reckless.

It’s like russian roulette eating McDonalds. Sometimes you get lucky.

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Not gonna lie, when I’m slightly, or more than slightly buzzed, I’ve been known to hit McDonalds for a hamburger or three. No taco bell/wendies. Just give me the dried out buns and hamburgers from McDonalds.



3am McDonalds tip.

Order a double quarter pounder but tell them to make it like a Big Mac. It’s legit. You get the Big Mac sauce, lettuce, onions on the double quarter pounder. So much better than the original big mac.

Oh ■■■■ it, I’m heading to McDonalds in 20 mins. :smiley: To wear pants or not is the question.

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I remember a time when a McRib was somewhat edible.

Wait, you have been wearing pants this whole time…gonna admit I’m surprised by this.

Granted I may have been prejudiced due to what @Richard_Parker and @Mr.Peabody have said about you over the years.

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Really, man up man, you’re an irish fan so i get the struggle with manning up but come on man…
You, know, man up for a change don’t follow the the normal Irish excuses…

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