The Moon (correctly) predicted the Lions would lose on Thanksgiving. What does it say about the playoffs?

The Thanksgiving Reference ICYMI: We will lose tomorrow, according to .... the Moon?


To add for those who love patterns:

Our first four losses have been followed by winning streaks of 1, 2, 3, and 4 (not in that order of course). So after our fifth loss, it would stand to reason that we would either go on a 0 game winning streak or a 5 or more game winning streak. Since we won on Sunday, this means we’re looking at a 5+ game win streak. Five exact would be the winning the Super Bowl – which is ALSO a waxing crescent.

The official order of win streaks following a loss would be 4-3-1-2-5. Zip code 43125 is Groveport, Ohio just outside of Columbus. Nearest playoff team? The Browns. The code has been cracked.


Well, look what the cat dragged in. How’s it going, bro! Good to see you hanging out.
I was just looking for someplace to mention something I noticed during Woodward with Dan Miller. They were talking about handling Lamb and Jefferson, and miller said, “lost to Dallas, but, with a caveat”.
YouTube has been full of that for a week and a half.
Dallas has a real “Asterisk” game.


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What’s the moon got to say about this?


Yay! We got 6 inches last night. 10-14 more just makes it a party.:woozy_face:


Glad we play in a dome, for Goff and the fans sake.


Me too. I just hope it doesn’t snarl traffic too bad for the fans.
If it takes a practice day away from the Rams for travel, so be it.

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Didn’t think of that angle :heart: it!

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Literally, nothing relevant to anything except the weather.

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