The NFL has the same legal standing as the WWE

The NFL is the only major sports league in America that is legally an “entertainment” company.

What this means is that is literally legal for them to fix a game.

Go take a look at the per capita income of the metropolitan areas and the franchise values of the 32 teams and tell me what the teams at the bottom have in common when it comes to officiating.


Man, I usually don’t believe in the conspiracy theories, I tend to see both sides. But seriously, this is really bad. Really really bad. I am pretty damn close to being done. It is all about money/revenue nowaways right?


Actually since no one really ever stops watching, fucking teams is GREAT for the NFL.

More tweets, more clicks on ESPN, more clicks on local sports writers.

There is no bad press, as they say.

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So true, money money money money money money money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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But, the NFL is bleeding viewers/customers!!!

The big money comes from TV contracts.
Viewership sells advertising. The broadcasting network wants the highest viewership.
The huge contracts demand that those desires be met.
Here is a link to viewership and ratings from the first couple weeks 2018.
See any correlation?

Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles (NBC) - week 1* 11.2 19.5
Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals (NFLN) - week 2 4.2 7.02
Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers (NBC) - week 4* 10.4 18.2
Carolina Panthers vs Washington Redskins (FOX) - week 6 10 17.29
Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers (NBC) - week 1* 12.5 22.5
Dallas Cowboys vs Carolina Panthers (FOX) - week 1 13.1 23.3
Dallas Cowboys vs Houston Texans (NBC) - week 5 10.7 18.59
Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars (CBS) - week 6 10.2 17.64
Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks (FOX) - week 3 12.7 22.2
Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys (FOX) - week 4 10.3 18.01
Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions (FOX) - week 5 8.2 13.66
Houston Texans vs New England Patriots (CBS) - week 1 9.7 17.08
Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots (FOX/NFLN) - week 5 8 13.22

Not really…

Cowboys vs Panthers 23 million viewers 13.1 rating.
Cowboys vs Seahags 22.2 million viewers 12.7 rating
Packers vs bears 23.3 million viewers 12.5 rating.
Packers vs Lions 13.66 million viewers 8.2 rating.
I don’t know where the Lions first week went but the rating was about a 6 and viewership was down a few million too.
Lions are not a big draw
New York Jets vs Detroit Lions (ESPN) - week 1*

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I thinks it’s sad that anyone would equate the WWE, an organization that doesn’t pretend to be legitimate. with the NFL, an organization that pretends it is legitimate. The WWE is WAY more honest about who they are.

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