The NFL is a Joke especially if you play

or are a fan of the Lions NFL, tells Lions to %$^& off were not changing anything for you scrubs

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Lame duck season or not, this is pure, unadulterated bullshit!

:fu:t2:You NFL!


It’s a strange year and we aren’t entitled to shit due to our lack of competitiveness. Plus I get to watch the whole game. No complaints. If keys to castle were given to someone other than Quinntricia the situation might different. Dig our own graves.


It’s all about the TV dollars.

It’s the only 1pm game they have on Saturday, they aren’t moving it . . . unless it’s NFL Royalty . . . Patriots, Saints, Packers, Cowboys, etc.

Has there been a NFL game post-poned because of coaches?

Coaches aren’t the same as if you have a bunch of players that get Covid. With today’s technology, I’m sure there’s ways for the coaches to still be involved or call plays, correct or no?

Just stick the shot in my arm and get it over with DOC!!!

I don’t care about waiting another day. Put the players on the field and go…

I tend to lean towards the NFL sucks

But in the end it will not matter

They say they want across the board roomy rules to allow for racial equality
But where the equality here… COVID is the main player here not who it effects as that’s biased and even racist in content

The NFL was wrong: and they will be again… just like the refs and just like you and me…

Personally I want us to beat TB and show them

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The game is at Ford Field without Fans …let the Coaches show up an hour early in Hazmat Suits and Coach from some upper deck booth …no plane involved, no contact …wall the booth off in plastic if you have to…Why is this not being handled in some way that does not handcuff this team ?


Seriously. Great question.


The same reason that front line workers (teachers, police, grocery store workers) who are 25 and healthy are being prioritized for getting the vaccine over others who are more at risk… SO MUCH SCIENCE

The 25 year olds are less likely to die from Covid but they are in contact with more people than you or I, it makes sense for them to be the first to be immunized. They are all stretched very thin due to a lot of them having Covid, plus who is supposed to take care of these elderly people if all the younger workers are sick with Covid.


No there hasn’t.

And the ones that were postponed were done for safety protocol reasons. This one is not.

If Bal can play without their star QB and 10
Other players so can we.

If Den can be forced to start a PS wide receiver at QB because their entire QB room is out than so can we.

If NE can play without their starting QB because of Covid than we can without our back-up HC.

Other teams have had coordinators and coaches miss too. This isn’t anything new or unfair.

Throw in the fact that we suck and who gives two shits about us missing our interim HC and you get these results too.

It doesn’t matter - we were supposed to be losing this game anyway.

Now here’s a question for you. What if Prince coaches a perfect game and we win?


Hmmm, I think they could have move it to Sunday… all about the money baby!

And, Jets win and putts got pumped for a loss as well

We can still win this… hard to do but still possible!!

The NFL wants Brady and the Bucs in the playoffs, they’ll do everything they can to give the Bucs the advantage


I want a freaking win baby!!



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One of the Lions coaches wasn’t wearing his tracker and then someone he was around tested positive is the word I saw.

Considering they made Denver play with a practice squad WR as their only QB because their whole QB room lunkheaded the COVID rules, and they aren’t moving our game lends credence to the rumor is true and they are Zero Effing Tolerance on that stuff.

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