The NFL is now posting weekly fines related to safety or unsportsmanlike conduct on its operations website

Week one’s list

“Page not found.”

Apparently I missed part of the URL, should work now.

Metcalf on there twice. I’d make sure he gets popped on every running play. I’d have DB’s chirping at him all day.

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Yes! This guy gets it. DK is a front runner. As soon as adversity hits, he loses his cool all the time. I hope we can get under his skin and let him implode. When given a chance he will.

I think the Lion’s have a guy who is pretty good at the chirping thing

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Notice the different amounts for similar infractions.

Even the GOAT can get the business!


He talked about it this week (DK)… He said that all DBs chirp, the difference with CJGJ is how loud he is. CJ is going to be yelling at him all day long. Problem might be that DK can’t hear him due to the crowd :joy:

The NFL should set up a lottery and pay the fines out tona random tickethokder of that game whose team was on the receiving end of the hit/taunting/whatever that generates the penalty.

Paid that day, in stadium.

Lets make this fun!