The NFL needs to hurry up and

Take away the Cardinals first round pick. Or give them lighter punishment by sliding their first rounder down to pick 7.


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I like the way you think. I thought I was the idea guy, but I’ve been replaced…though moving them to #6 would suffice.

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Something tells me this is more like a $50k fine kind of thing.


Would they pay me the $50k bc otherwise that won’t suffice

Not going to comment until Dean Blandino gives his view.

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I would think. But I can’t help but be cynical and think this has the potential to spiral ONLY because Bidwell is a legacy owner who doesn’t bring the kind of wealth and opportunity that a new owner of the Cardinals would bring. The Bidwell’s bought the team for $50k and the interwebz say most of their wealth is tied to the franchise. In the last few days I was watching Pat McAfee and he made a joke about the Cardinals facilities and how they do busines being low level.

The one thing I can agree with is that Steve Wilks got shafted by the Cardinals.

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The funny part to me is that you use a burner phone to get around the rules in order to talk to your disgraced alcoholic GM that left you with THAT roster.

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That GM and the owner are also best friends. He is no longer the GM but was never fired by the Cardinals.