The NHL Playoffs

Ok, @WinnipegFan

Thanks for collapsing tonight with 3 seconds left against the Sharks, which puts them even further into the lead in the Pacific!

Speaking of, what team do you most want to face in the first round? Who is your ideal matchup?

Both San Jose & Calgary scare me, but I’m not sure I trust their goaltending. Regardless, they’d both be incredible series.

Honestly we look like a first round easy out right now. Defense isn’t up to par, Bucky is letting in too many soft goals, the PP is static and predictable.

No idea who I want in the first round though. I don’t see a great matchup for us anywhere…

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Well damn, way to be optimistic!

Anyone who comes close to being an opponent you’d prefer?

(FWIW, Im thinking VGK loses against SJ OR CAL … )

Minnesota I guess, we tend to play them tough.