The official I'm jealous of Travis Kelce for dating Taylor Swift thread

Yes, I’m a Swiftie.

Yes, I’m jealous of Travis.

Judging by both of their well documented histories of dating… I don’t think you’ll have to be jealous for long.


Soon to be fodder for the next song about an ex-boyfriend


I couldn’t recognize a song by her, my daughters aren’t fans, but I think she’s cute and she can make fun of herself in her commercials and I appreciate self-deprecating.


Travis can do better tbh. Come at me Swifties


I mean, I’m sure it wouldn’t be bad to be dating a cute girl with plenty of money in the bank (not that he has any money issues).

But man, that lifestyle would kind of suck. Specifically, one of you is a football player who is effectively unavailable for like 6 months out of the year, excepting a handful of days. The other is a touring musician. Neither of you can go out for coffee without 9000 photographers chasing you. No thanks.

She makes good music though!

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My 53 year old sister, who has never listened to Taylor Swift, bought two tickets to Scotland for a Swift concert. I just found out about it a couple weeks ago.

At this point, I don’t know what is going on and I’m too afraid to ask

I don’t remember an artist in my lifetime wielding this much influence over such a broad spectrum of fans. Is this what Beatlemania was like in 1965? The Jackson - Thriller era in the mid 80’s?

Tough day for the Bears fans watching Taylor Swift soak up all the T.V. coverage at Arrowhead.

I’d tell the Bears fans to just shake it off, shake it off (hoo hoo hoo) and move on to next week.

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I don’t like her music but dare not tell my wife that I don’t like her music.

Yep…it will be titled. " I should have loved a Lion instead of an * "

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That’s because you are a grown man and not a teen age girl.



No judgment



Haha! No comment on your jealousy, but I saw a ridicules report that said the Bears were embarrassed by losing in front of Taylor Swift. If that’s true they have as many problems as the Broncos.


Phew. My cover’s still in tact.

Btw, what’s @Nate’s excuse then?

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I kind of almost sorta met Taylor Swift once. She was on tour and her bus had stopped at the same truck stop as I did for fuel (Big Springs, Nebraska iirc). Oddly, she was standing in line behind me at the counter to pay for some stuff. I happened to turn around and noticed who she was. When she saw my realization, she made a sour face so I just turned back around.

And hey, I get it. Celebs want to be able to go places without having people bother them for an autograph or whatever. But honestly, i wouldn’t even have known who she was if she didn’t have a 10 foot tall mural of her face plastered on the side of the bus. Not exactly the best choice if you’re looking to be inconspicuous.

This was a long time ago, btw. She’s had a lot of practice at the superstardom thing by now and I’m sure she has those little details ironed out.


Meh, I hear she farts alot…like rreeaalll paint peelers, so that should make everybody feel better…unless one’s into that sort of thing

Tim And Eric Smile GIF


She’s a huge “meh” sandwich for myself. Never listened to her stuff and just of average looks. The people that treat her like the Beatles are the ones I really don’t get.

She’s harmless…


I’ll go ahead and say the quiet part out loud … to me she always came off as a colossal bish.


Oh, I’m sure she is. But when your tour is kicking out the GDP of a mid size European country…you might get a bit bossy.